Montauk Monster moonlights as the chupacabra

Plum Island Animal Disease Center

Some theorize that the Montauk Monster could have come from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The Montauk Monster has returned – again – kind of. In July of 2008, mysterious photos of a monster-like creature surfaced in Montauk, New York. Since then, the “Montauk Monster” has been (probably) identified as a slightly decomposed raccoon… though conspiracy theories still abound.

The Montauk Monster’s first appearance

When the Montauk Monster was first photographed, there were dozens of theories about what it might be. Venom energy drink offered a reward that topped even the cheapest personal loans for the live capture of the monster. A live Montauk Monster has never been captured, though the debate about its identification is still going strong. In August of 2008, according to the Montauk Monster’s Wikipedia entry, state and government officials will take the corpse “to a nearby facility for future analysis and study”

The Montauk Monster : Related to the chupacabra?

In January of 2010, a carcass of a “strange, hairless dog-like animal with tan-brown skin” was found in Texas. Live Science makes the claim that this candidate for the chupacabra (the blood-sucking, small creature that is legend in many southern states and Hispanic countries) was, in fact, “just another Montauk Monster.” That is, of course, assuming that you accept that the Montauk Monster was just a hairless raccoon.

The conspiracy theories of Montauk

The Montauk Monster is just one piece of a puzzle for many conspiracy theorists. In 1992, a book called the Montauk Project was published that focused on possible time-travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base. The book is sold as science fiction, though the authors have never said that the book was pure fiction, and they openly encourage fans to speculate on the truthfulness of the series. If time travel isn’t quite your chosen way to get payday cash advances, then there are other theories.

Plum Island, the home of Montauk Monster?

There are also theories that the Montauk Monster is an escaped resident of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Run jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Plum Island focuses on researching animal diseases. Fox News examined this possibility in September of 2008.