MN appliance rebate helps consumers go green and save

Tax time doesn’t have to be painful. New rebates like the MN appliance rebate enable consumers to take advantage of the state’s $5 million-plus in tax breaks while getting rid of old, energy-hogging technology. Other states have similar appliance rebate programs in place to give you a cash advance at tax time. Thanks to the Arrowhead Electric Cooperative blog from Lutsen, Minnesota, here are some of the specifics of the Minnesota appliance rebate 2010.

MN appliance rebate: the dollars and sense of it all

This is all part of a larger national program called the Trade-in & Save Appliance Program, which in turn is an arm of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). For Minnesota, it is estimated that 25,450 homeowners will receive a tax rebate if they get rid of their old refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances for more energy-efficient ENERGY STAR models. Purchases must be made within the state in which you’re filing (in this case, Minnesota) between March 1 and 31, 2010. Retroactive rebates will not be allowed and the MN appliance rebate shall only get started to appliances used in the taxpayer’s residence – commercial and rental properties won’t count.

How much energy will the Minnesota appliance rebate 2010 save?

According to Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, “2,200,412 KWh in energy, 43,729,920 gallons of water and 4,705,065 lbs of carbon (CO2)” will be saved. That’s significant for the environment, and it will save you money when you need it most. Your pay day loans blogger wishes he had appliances he could replace to sop up the juicy appliance rebate in his state.

How does the MN appliance rebate break down by appliance?

I found this to be rather interesting. Arrowhead seems to know specifically how many of each appliance will be taken in by the Minnesota appliance rebate 2010. Specifically, 6,035 clothes washers ($200 rebate each); 6,005 dishwashers ($150 each); 1,999 freezers ($100 each with “proof of demanufacturing,” which means the old appliance won’t be reused or resold, or $50 without); 11,411 refrigerators ($200 with proof of demanufacturing, $100 without)

Other important facts about the MN appliance rebate

  1. Only one rebate for one purchase allowed per household ($200 max rebate)
  2. Once rebate is reserved, resident as 17 days to get the new appliance, recycle the old and send in the rebate application
  3. Unclaimed funds will go to those on a wait list for the MN appliance rebate program. It will be done on a first come, first served basis.

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