“Miss me yet?” billboard is no myth

“Miss me yet?” asks George Bush

This isn't the "Miss me yet?" billboard, but it's close. (Photo: synthstuff.com)

You know how these things go. A story begins on the World Wide Web that seems outlandish, but there’s just enough truth to it for the idea to stick. Like payday loans for what ails your budget, there is a real connection to the waking world. And the idea spreads virally, snowballing until it becomes a mass of sticky, gooey fun – a guilty pleasure people can dive into with grasping hands. Forget Photoshop and digital image alteration and check your brain at the door.

But sometimes these stories have a way of being true

Considering President Obama’s struggles with stimulus, bailouts, Nobel prizes and universal healthcare, it comes as no surprise that some Americans have questions. That’s the real-world connection that makes the “Miss me yet” billboard so believable. But as Bob Collins of Minnesota NPR reports, it’s also quite real.

It’s on the I-35 outside Wyoming, Minnesota. As you can see from the video below, former President George W. Bush has a question for all of us: “Miss Me Yet?”


It’s unclear at this time who paid for the billboard, but I think it is safe to say that Mr. Bush has better things to do with his time. Collins claims that his currently investigating the matter and will inform the nation once the secret is uncovered. My guess is that those who posted this “Miss me yet?” billboard gem won’t be too far removed from the people who erected the Barack Hussein Obama turban billboard. Yes, I chose the word “erected” intentionally, as certain folks get excited by racial malice. I am not one of those people; I just report about it, then taint the notion of impartiality with my rhapsodical wax.

Or did the “Miss me yet?” billboard come from ironic Obama supporters

I’ll leave that one to falsely accused ironists like Alanis Morrisette. I’m just a payday loans blogger today.

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