Microsoft Kin | Microsoft Pink devices finally revealed

A cell phone with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

The Microsoft Kin phones will use an altered version of Microsoft Windows 7 for the mobile. Image from Flickr.

For several months, the project code-named Microsoft Pink has been leaking out in bits and pieces – today, the speculation ended when the Microsoft Kin was announced. The Microsoft Kin will have two versions – creatively named Kin One and Kin Two – with slightly different feature sets. Both Microsoft Kin phones will focus on social networking and interaction. The Microsoft Kin will be available in just a few weeks, in late May, on Verizon. The price of the Microsoft Kin devices has not yet been set by Verizon or Microsoft, so don’t request an online personal loan to get one just yet.

Microsoft Kin based on networking

The Microsoft Kin phones are built around one major function: social networking. Much like the MotoBlur and HTC Sense, the Microsoft Kin phone puts your e-mail, phone, newsfeeds, and web browser all on “home” screens. The Microsoft Kin will also integrate the Zune MP3 player and will allow access to only the Bing search engine.

Microsoft Kin will back up information

Both versions of the Microsoft Kin will have one feature that Microsoft claims will set it apart from the phones that have similar features. Microsoft Kin phones will automatically back up all status messages, phone numbers, visited web sites — everything on the phone — to a password-protected web site. The Microsoft Kin will, essentially, put your entire handset online, so it is available without the actual handset.

Microsoft Kin One

The Microsoft Kin will have two separate versions available for sale at the same time. The Microsoft Kin One is a small, square phone with a slide-out keyboard. Microsoft Kin One is intended for one-hand use. A five-megapixel camera has a built-in flash. The Microsoft Kin One will also shoot SD video. Four gigabytes of memory will store videos, pictures, and information.

Microsoft Kin Two

The Microsoft Kin Two is twice the size of the Kin One. The rectangular shape is built for two-handed texting. The camera is 8 megapixels and will shoot HD video. The on-board memory of the Microsoft Kin Two is twice that of the Microsoft Kin One – 8 gigabytes.

Microsoft Kin won’t allow apps

The Microsoft Kin phones, codenamed the “Microsoft Pink” during development, is going to be a closed system. Though the operating system is based on Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Kin phones won’t allow outside applications. This means if you use a Microsoft Kin phone, you will only be able to request online cash loans, search the web and navigate your day-to-day life with applications that Microsoft builds.