Michael Vick Has Been Reinstated Into the NFL

On a conditional basis, Vick reinstated by football

Justice. (Photo: thehollywoodgossip.com)

Justice. (Photo: Infidelsparadise.com)

Anyone who commits a crime should be held responsible for their actions. This includes celebrities and superstar athletes who frequently find themselves in a position where they are held above the law. No special plea bargains, no special privileges,  no skating where normal people would be put away for hard time. The time in which high-powered attorneys and PR teams can confuse juries by obfuscating the truth and wage war on those who sue their clients – beating them back via pure attrition – must end. The dog fighting crimes for which Michael Vick was arrested and served time were heinous, resulting in the careless death of many animals.

Now we see news of Michael Vick reinstated by the NFL. This is a colossal mistake and I hope that fans boycott whatever team signs him (there will be one, as he is an athletic talent, if not a great quarterback). That would include all of said team’s sponsors. Hit them where it hurts, where a team will notice. Put them in a place where they need cheap loans for quick cash. However, if you attend their games, watch them on television or purchase the merchandise of Vick’s new team, you are labeling yourself a barbarian. You are saying that it’s ok to maim and kill animals for your amusement. You, sir or ma’am, would label yourself a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Commissioner Goodell has lost his mind

Mark Maske reports for the Washington Post that on behalf of the National Football League, Commissioner Roger Goodell has agreed to a condition-laden reinstatement of Michael Vick. Currently, Vick is allowed to attempt to sign with a team and participate in their training camp activities.

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I’ve been waiting for football to show a chink in its armor like this for a while. Since baseball is America’s true sport, I’m hopeful that this Michael Vick business will hurt the game of football enough that baseball will regain ground. That’s what you get with crazy labor problems and traditionally poor marketing – you lose your spot as the national game. Now, pick up the baton and try to run again, baseball.

Tony Dungy, too? He’s also making a huge mistake for associating with Michael Vick

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy has agreed to be Vick’s advisor. Sure Vick needs help, but will that help mean anything? PETA (yes, a hypocritical “animal rights” group, but they make good points in this case) had this to say about Vick and rehabilitation earlier this year:

PETA sent a letter to the National Football League asking that convicted dog fighter Michael Vick be subjected to a psychological test as well as an MRI brain scan like the one now in use at the Western New Mexico Correctional Facility in order to look for evidence of clinical psychopathy or anti-social personality disorder. Based on the fact that Vick funded and participated in a massive dog fighting operation (playing a direct role in hanging, drowning, or shooting countless dogs-and even slamming dogs to the ground to break their backs), it might seem obvious that there’s something wrong with the guy. But whether or not Vick is indeed a clinical psychopath is an important piece of a bigger puzzle.

PETA believes that Michael Vick should have to pass such tests in order to prove he is not longer a danger to living things. I support this idea, specifically because the nature of his crimes are beyond disgusting.

I doubt he can be reformed

It doesn’t matter how many anti-dog fighting PSAs he does online and on TV. If this is as pathological as it seems, Vick has much in common with pedophiles, serial killers and others who exhibit sociopathic behavior. You don’t have to love animals to understand how wrong what Vick did was in his dog fighting ring. He raised them for slaughter, neglected them and made them desperate, violent beasts. All for his amusement. He should still be in prison, and ideally his organs should be harvested so that people in dire medical need could make better use of them.

It’s called “indefinite suspension” for a reason, Goodell

And that reason is not so that he can be definitely reinstated. Sure, Vick may be out of federal custody now (another titanic mistake, but who needs justice anyway?). Sure, he’s missed the last two NFL seasons while serving his sentence. But an average person who did what he did with animals wouldn’t see the light of day for a LONG time.

But here’s what it comes down to. Money! Vick is a proven moneymaker, despite numerous weapons and drug-related arrests previous, which ALSO would have put an average person away for a LONG time. The 29-year-old sociopath Michael Vick was released by the Atlanta Falcons in the offseason, perhaps the only sensible thing that has occurred in this chain of unbelievably poor decision-making.

Who wants to sign this chump?

It isn’t clear. Nobody has the courage to fess up, although I imagine Oakland and Dallas will be first in line. Average people look to cheap loans for quick cash when they’re in trouble. If you’re in that boat, you can get started right here.

Get Started Now!

Athletes depend upon the senility of Al Davis and Jerry Jones

“This step-by-step approach is not meant to be a further punishment and should not be viewed as such,” said Goodell in a letter to the convicted dog fighter.

Really, Roger? Wouldn’t want to yield a firm hand here, now would we? The legal system has cleared failed taxpayers once more here, so perhaps you could be a voice of reason and police your own league? No? OK, I’m done with football if anybody signs this cancer. I will not watch a game or buy an NFL-themed product. I’ll also steer away from NFL sponsors. I encourage everyone else to do the same, even if you’re a die-hard football fan. Show that you’ve got a pair and teach evildoers a lesson.

But the Amazing Goodell goes on

“Instead, it is intended to maximize the prospect that you can successfully resume your career and your life. I believe that a transitional approach with a strong network of support will give you the best opportunity to manage effectively the various issues and pressures that you will inevitably face in the coming weeks and months and earn your full reinstatement.”

Michael Vick reinstated? Shouldn’t have happened. He should remain in jail, then eventually be released as an employee of the State of Virginia. Community service for a couple of decades with a reasonable stipend of compensation would be a positive step. He cannot be allowed endorsements of any kind. He cannot return to a position of public adoration, a position that children hold up as a role model. “Do as I say, not as I do” isn’t enough. Michael Vick needs to be held to the same standard a non-celebrity would be. He needs to repay his debt to society.

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