McDonalds Monopoly 2010 kicks off October 5

McDonalds Monopoly

McDonalds Monopoly has been around since 1987. Image: MonkeySimon / Flickr / CC-BY

The newest McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 game officially begins on October 5. The newest McDonald’s Monopoly game integrates Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and the McDonald’s website. Each game piece of McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 will have a “second chance” to win one of the prizes online.

$200 million in McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 prizes

According to McDonald’s and Hasboro, the McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 game will award about $200 million in cash and prizes. The company claims that one in four game pieces will win some kind of prize. Most of the prizes awarded will be small prizes from WalMart, RedBox, Snapfish and McDonald’s. Some prizes are larger, though the chances of winning them are significantly smaller. The game pieces are available on the packages of many McDonald’s products. McDonald’s Monopoly has been a promotion run since 1987.

McDonald’s Monopoly uses networking

The 2010 McDonald’s Monopoly game uses game pieces available on food packages. If a game piece isn’t a winner, though, McDonald’s offers an online “second chance.” The McDonald’s Twitter account will also track which prizes have been claimed and who is winning. This networking element also integrates Foursquare by creating a “heatmap” of how many people are “checking in” to a McDonald’s store. McDonald’s Monopoly players can also enter for instant win prizes online or, after registering, via text.

The McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 economy

One of the biggest side effects of the McDonald’s Monopoly game is the market in game pieces. Individuals who are trying to win the big prizes will sometimes spend big money on “completing” the collection for a prize. If you want to play McDonald’s Monopoly 2010, keep in mind that you are likely to spend more money than you make. Though there are big prizes, like a car and $1 million, it is more likely that you could spend more than no fax payday loans cost, without getting any reward. There is the chance, though, that the McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 Boardwalk piece could be yours, and you might win $1 million. Just like any other game of chance, though, moderation is the name of the game.