Lynn Jenkins Cries for a Great White Hope

A haymaker against humanity

Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas' 2nd District. He wants a "Great White Hope" to counter Obama's black ways, apparently (Photo:

This is Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas' 2nd District. She wants a "Great White Hope" to counter Obama's black ways, apparently (Photo:

Ever heard the expression “Great White Hope” before? The phrase entered popular culture when boxing promoters in the early 20th century where desperately searching for a white fighter who could defeat African-American heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. Yet it has so many other applications.

If you squint hard enough, it could mean nothing more than holding out for a great hero to ride in and save the day. However, appropriating the image of heroism and purity and permanently attaching them to the color white is bound to set people on edge. When it comes to politics in America, it’s painfully obvious that such an image is closely tied to the racism that runs rampant in this country. Such racism’s origins are partly religious in nature, but secular circles are no less guilty when all things are considered.

Cultural poverty

I see it as no mere coincidence that a Caucasian Republican politician who is admittedly “upset” over the Democratic control of Congress and the health care reform package President Obama (who is not Caucasian, incidentally) would call for a “great white hope” to counter that dragon on the doorstep. The politician is Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas, and racism is alive and well. It is a kind of cultural poverty that a fax payday loan could never revitalize. Such a paucity of spiritual funds requires boatloads of paradigm smashing and empathy training.

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Does she think it’s OK because Glenn Beck paved the way?

Yes; Glenn Beck has made the statement that Obama hates white people. Beck labeled him a racist and has stood behind his statements. He’s lost a bevy of high-level sponsors because of it, too. I wonder if that makes him cry at night like a little sad-faced clown?

The Christian Science Monitor points out that such political foot-in-mouth disease runs rampant through this country. Virginia Senator George Allen called a man from Indian a “macaca,” which could mean either a monkey or a city in South Africa. Guess which one people chose to go with? Joe Biden said this of Obama in 2007 when he was an opponent in the presidential race: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” A dream only a believer in the great white could come up with, eh Amtrak Joe?

Now comes Lynn Jenkins

Clearly she is another Republican who is unhappy about her party’s lack of power lately. She wants someone to step up and go toe-to-toe with Obama… a “great white hope.” She draws that racial line as many unthinking racist clones have done before. If I were a Caucasian conservative (I only meet half the requirements), I’d be disgusted by Jenkins’ reference. Even if she didn’t intend to sound racist, she should know a bit more about incendiary rhetoric, particularly since she’s an elected official who holds a high office. If I were one of her constituents in Kansas’ 2nd District, I’d wonder if I’d made the right choice in electing her. Such language is political anathema. If she didn’t understand that, then Lynn Jenkins isn’t educated enough to be a political official.

Throw it in reverse, Lynn

Now she’s backpedaling. Apparently she doesn’t have the star power of a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, so she has to play by the rules of intelligent discourse. Damage control has begun, but Ms. Jenkins is not doing it herself. Oh no, that would be much too dangerous for a graduate of the Sarah Palin School of Interviewing. Jenkins’ spokeswoman did the apologizing for her. Not a moment worthy of praise. There’ll be no fax payday loan waiting for you!

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(Just to show you stupidity isn’t color blind)