Long John Silver’s | FREE Fish Tacos 7/14 ONLY

Dead pirates make mean tacos

(Photo: LouisvilleHotBytes.com)

(Photo: LouisvilleHotBytes.com)

I am a native Southern Californian who grew up exposed to Mexican border culture. Whenever I went to a San Diego Padres game with my family, the call of that concessions staple this is hot dogs was always present. I like a hot dog as much as the next guy, but living in San Diego presented certain regional options. One of those was the fish taco, which I love.

A delicious concoction from Baja, tacos de pescado consist of fried or grilled fish, lettuce or cabbage, pico de gallo and a splash of sour cream or citrus/mayonnaise sauce. The delicious mixture is contained within a corn or flour tortilla. Street vendors in Mexico sell these, but they’re also very popular in California, Washington and Colorado, according to Wikipedia. Since they aren’t expensive, secured loans for quick cash aren’t necessary to make or partake of such fishy goodness.

Get Fish Tacos FREE at Long John Silver’s TODAY, 7/14!

That’s right. Until 2:30 p.m., go to your local participating Long John Silver’s and you can get your hands on and your mouth around a Free Baja Fish taco. No additional purchase is necessary, and only one is available per customer. You can dine in, carry out your order or drive through for your free fish taco. Get moving!

Wienerschnitzel has a competing deal

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Not to be outdone, the maven of fast food hot dogs that shall be known as Weinerschnitzel is offering FREE Chili Dogs or Free small ice cream cones from 5 to 8 p.m. Apparently July is National Hot Dog Month, which seems appropriate considering that the summer weather is fine and everybody loves to break out the outdoor grill and have a party. Hot dogs are often on the menu.

Don’t every say we don’t look out for you!

Personal Money Store wishes you a happy summer and hopes that no matter how bad the recession gets, you keep your taste buds on the loose for little culinary bargains like this. Whether you like fish tacos, chili dogs or ice cream, there’s sure to be something to please even the pickiest eaters in your family. And remember, FREE means no secured loans or quick cash. Eat up, bargain hunters!

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