Line2 App | VoIP comes to the iPhone

A user holding three different cell phones

The Line2 App from Talktumi removes the need to keep this many cell phones on hand. Image from Flickr.

At a particular former job of mine, there were days I would end up carrying four cell phones, each with a different number and a different purpose. Line2 for the iPhone, created by Talktumi, takes situations like this and streamlines them into one iPhone. In addition, the Line2 app can turn an iPod Touch into a full-blown cell phone wherever there is WiFi. Line2 is the game-changing app that Google Voice and Skype for the iPhone were trying to be. The best part is, Line2 charges only $15 a month – so you won’t have to look into small cash loans to double your phone’s functionality. The challenge for Line2 is going to be keeping the momentum going. Yesterday, after showing off Line2 at the CTIA conference, Talktumi’s Line2 App was No. 1 in the iPhone app store. Today, they’ve taken the app offline to fight a DNS attack.

Line2 App uses two data networks

First and foremost, the functionality of Line2 is based on something that the iPhone was itching for – the ability to make and receive calls using either the 3G data network or WiFi. Line2 “prefers” WiFi connections, as they are more reliable, but if you move from one hotspot to another, it will seamlessly switch you, even mid-call.

The best part of this dual-mode Line2 functionality is that it allows you to make and receive phone calls without using your precious cell network voice minutes. Much like Skype or Google Voice on your computer, long-distance international calls are also much less expensive. At $15 a month and $1 for the Line2 App, it’s cell phone service that doesn’t require payday lending to pay the bills.

Line2 App does more than make calls

The Line2 App is about more than just turning your calls over to internet connections. Instead, the Line2 is a full-featured second phone line. You can set up a second cell phone number with Line2, routing a home and business number to the same phone. You can also set up a virtual phone tree – press 1 to reach A, press 2 to reach B, if you’re a business owner trying to keep things in line. Best of all, Line2 provides visual voice mail, conference calling and a choice of how to make incoming calls. It’s like having a second iPhone on your iPhone.

DNS Attacks on Line2

Line2 quickly rose the ranks of the iPhone app store to become No. 1 on March 25. Many were surprised that the Line2 App got approved by the Apple App Store – Google Voice for the iPhone was just recently rejected for providing a very similar service, which the App store claimed would compete for the “core business” of the iPhone – making calls.

Users who spent the morning of March 26 looking for the Line2 app were sorely disappointed. Talktumi took Line2 offline at about 9 p.m. Eastern Time March 25 due to a coordinated DNS Denial of Service attack. The company is providing up-to-the-minute updates on the Talktumi Twitter account, and hope to have Line2 up and running again soon.