Laura Gambucci Boutique Makes a Splash in La Jolla

Customers love selection at Laura Gambucci

Laura Gambucci (top) and a client | Image from San Diego Magazine

Laura Gambucci and a client | Image from San Diego Magazine

Fashion Boutiques are a dime a dozen in La Jolla, and in California as a whole, but the name “Laura Gambucci” has managed to perk up a few ears in the fashion world. Her customers rave about her selection, clothing that can’t be found at other boutiques in the San Diego area.

Laura Gambucci, a former interior designer, gets many of the pieces in her store from Los Angeles. reports that Laura Gambucci travels the whole country in search of the best clothing, including items from the runways in New York. Customers also appreciate the way her store is organized, with clothing arranged according to trend.

Not your average clothing store

As you can probably guess from the phrase “fashion boutique” as opposed to “clothing store,” Laura Gambucci’s clothes are pricey. If you have the money and are willing to spend it on clothing, Laura Gambucci caters to big spenders who are fashion conscious. I’d never recommend taking out short term loans to buy expensive clothes, but everyone has got their priorities.

Clothes are a definite necessity, obviously, but you can get clothing for much cheaper than the prices Laura Gambucci offers at her boutique. However, some people argue that buying high-quality clothing is worth it because it lasts longer. Another benefit there is that it creates less waste. Clothing can be used and reused, but eventually it does end up in the trash. The longer it lasts, the better.

Classic but cool

Looking at photos from the Laura Gambucci boutique, I see a lot of simple, classic styles with just a bit of an edge or a little flare. This isn’t a boutique for people who are trying to get attention. Rather, Laura Gambucci targets shopper who want to look elegant and casual at the same time.

Of course, there are also plenty of accessories. More than half the store is dedicated to belts, purses, shoes and jewelry.

Location, location, location

Laura Gambucci in La Jolla, California, is located at 7629 Girard Ave. Self-proclaimed perfectionist Laura Gambucci has said in the past that she didn’t want to grow to much too fast because she wanted to be able to “manage and do everything as perfect as possible.”

It was a couple of years ago that she said that, and I am hoping that she’s ready now for her popularity to skyrocket, as her name is definitely out there now. Fashionistas across the country are googling her, and though you can’t buy her clothing online yet, I am sure those spendy shoppers will be sure to visit if they’re ever in the area.

As far as I can tell, the Laura Gambucci boutique doesn’t even have its own web site. Hey, there’s a business idea for you if you are a web developer in Southern California. With all the extra money Laura Gambucci will be making thanks to this new wave of press, I’m sure she’d be happy to have a great online presence, and maybe she will pay you to do it!