Kinsman, IL | Scene of FBI raid

Minuscule town raided by FBI

Image from  Coming to a small town near you!

Image from Coming to a small town near you - ain't that America!

Kinsman, Illinois is a sleepy little town with a population just over 100.  It’s about 50 miles southwest of Chicago, and there isn’t much there, not even a gas station or a single cash advance store.  All that’s in the town is a church, a Post Office, and a bar.  Most business there is agricultural, or agriculture related.  However, a small butcher shop on the outskirts of town was of great interest to the FBI.

The reasons aren’t clear, but the targets sure were

First World Management runs a butcher shop on the edge of town, and the meat it provides is meat that is slaughtered and butchered to Islamic dietary specifications.  Islamic dietary laws are very specific about meat, and for meat to be considered Halal (similar to Kosher) it must be procured according to a very specific set of rules, or dhabiha.  The shop in question slaughters and butchers dhabiha meat for consumers, most of which are in Chicago.  There are only a few employees, all Muslims – less than 10, most of which live in trailers behind the shop.

Over a dozen FBI vehicles, snipers and a helicopter…and no arrests!

Nearly 100 FBI personnel descended on this location on Sunday, October 18th, and no arrests were made.  (This cost taxpayers a lot more than a few payday loans worth.)  No one in the town, not even the mayor was aware anything was going to happen.  The only people who did were the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department, who were notified two weeks in advance of the incident. You can read up on the incident at Fox News, though more coverage is likely to be forthcoming.

Aren’t we supposed to NOT have secret police in this country?

It’s speculated that the raid was done in order to root out immigration violations.  However, no arrests were made, and the size of it makes it look like something beyond the scope of immigration affairs.  There was a recent terrorism arrest and plot, but if this were an anti-terror raid, why wasn’t anyone detained, and why weren’t any charges filed?  The FBI is a multi-billion dollar a year expense on the taxpayers, and it is highly dubious that they don’t have anything to do.  State intimidation is one of the things that the Founders and Framers were universally against, so this looks suspicious to say the least.

UPDATE: It wasn’t for nothing

The raid was carried out in order to investigate the shop’s owner.  Tahawwur Rana, of Chicago, allegedly provided financing and materials to David Headley, who changed his name from Daood Gilani in 2006, who was allegedly attempting a terrorist action against a Danish newspaper.  I think we all know where they were going here – yeah, THAT newspaper.  Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, the paper that sparked international protests by running an editorial cartoon offensive to Muslims.  (An article on Reuters has it in detail here.)  The two are charged with a multitude of felonies, and are quite possibly looking at life in prison.  They are being prosecuted by Patrick Fitzgerald, the reknowned U.S. Attorney, who also was prominent for filing charges against the disgraceful, shameful, vicious DUNCE of a former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.  Neither will be able to get out on a quick cash bond – as bail is denied.  Good looking out, FBI.