Kindle for Android takes on iPhone | Is Android tablet next?

a T-mobile android phone

Kindle for Android partners Google with Amazon in an e-reader battle against the Apple iPhone, and an Android tablet could be next. Flickr photo.

Kindle is going Android, Amazon has announced. This summer Amazon is teaming up with Google to give the iPhone a run for its money in e-reader functionality. Amazon already offers Kindle software for the iPhone, the iPad, Windows, Mac OS X and BlackBerry devices. Android already sells Amazon music and streaming movies with built-in apps. Kindle for the Android phone is no surprise to industry analysts, except for the fact that it has taken so long to happen. Some say an Android tablet could be next.

Kindle for Android downloads

On Kindle for Android, downloads are a key advantage over Kindle on the iPhone. Fortune reports that Google’s Android environment, as open as quick payday loans compared to Apple’s, allows continuous Kindle for Android downloads. Amazon built its Kindle bookstore seamlessly into Android. Kindle books can be read on iPhone, but when users want to buy an Amazon book on an iPhone, they need to leave Kindle, open the web browser, then buy the book with an Amazon account.  Only then is the purchase transferred wirelessly to the iPhone.

Kindle for iPhone

With Kindle for iPhone, Apple forces a workaround because it doesn’t allow in-app purchases through an iPhone from anyone besides Apple.  Amazon could sell e-books in Kindle for iPhone, but Apple takes a 30 percent cut. Android let Amazon build a storefront inside Kindle for Android, so Amazon can sell products directly, without Android users leaving Kindle, and without Google taking a cut.

Kindle for Android features

Kindle for Android can be used on Droid Incredible, Google Nexus One, HTC MyTouch, Motorola CLIQ, Motorola Droid and most other Android phones. Users can buy e-books from the Kindle Store optimized for the Android phone with wireless delivery. Free book samples give users the beginnings of books to try before they buy. Kindle newspapers, magazines and blogs won’t be available on Kindle for Android.

Is an Android tablet next?

The Kindle for Android announcement precedes the Google I/O conference beginning May 19. Clint Boulton at eWeek reports that most of the buzz leading up to the event centers on Android. One thing that seems certain to launch at Google I/O is Android 2.2 Android 2.2 will give Kindle for Android a speed increase from previous operating systems. Google officials are also expected to talk about Android-based tablets. Verizon has confirmed it is working with Google on an Android-based tablet.