Joe Biden | Big F-ing deal bomb

Vice President Joe Biden at the World Economic Forum

Joe Biden is well-known for his verbal missteps. Image from Flickr.

Nobody has ever accused Vice President Joe Biden of being the most tightly laced politician. During the press conference where Obama announced the signing of the new health care bill, though, Vice President Joe Biden added his own unique take on the moment by saying “this is a big f-ing deal” to President Obama. I’m sure Joe Biden is wishing now that he’d been able to use fast cash loans to make sure the microphones were off.

Biden drops the F Bomb

After announcing President Obama to the press corps outside the White House, Vice President Biden turned away from the microphone to welcome the President. During a quick hug, Biden said into the President’s ear “This is a big F-ing deal!” Biden’s F-bomb was captured on every microphone, video camera and camera in the area. Biden almost certainly meant this to be a private moment, but it ended up being quite public. The White House has reacted to Biden’s F-bomb with amusement more than anything, with the official U.S. Press Secretary’s Twitter account saying “And yes, Mr. Vice President, You’re right…”

See Video of Biden’s “Big Deal” moment

Joe Biden’s history of gaffes

Vice President Joe Biden is fairly well known for saying the things that many others may just be thinking. The signing of the health care bill is not the first time Biden has been caught dropping the F-bomb on live microphones. On March 13, 2009, Biden was caught saying “An hour late, oh give me a f-ing break.” The Vice President has become rather infamous for his “Bidenisms,” and there are some web sites, such as Slate’s Bidenisms, dedicated entirely to recording the Vice President’s gaffes, misspoken statements and outright mistakes.

Biden was right – health care is a big deal

The new health care bill, which President Obama signed into law today, is most definitely a big deal, as Joe Biden pointed out. The health care bill makes significant changes to the health care system over the next 10 years. To see a summary of the new health care bill, see Health Care Reform basics Part 1 and Health Care Reform basics Part 2.

Democrats have hailed the passage of the health care bill as “historic,” while Republicans such as Randy Neugerbauer and David Frum are calling the passage of the bill “tragic.”  The cost of the health care bill is hotly debated, some saying it will start the government on the path of credit repair, others claiming it will cost more than an online cash advance. Either way, Joe Biden was right – health care reform is a “big f-ing deal.”