Jodee Blanco Makes a Living Off of Being Bullied

Jodee Blanco’s anti-bully books

Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

In elementary school, it seems everyone was either a bully or bullied. Sometimes this dichotomy extends to middle school and even high school, and while it’s “the norm,” author Jodee Blanco says it’s not right. Her book “Please Stop Laughing at Me … One Woman’s Inspirational Story” ended up on the New York Times Best Sellers List after it came out in 2003.

“Please Stop Laughing at Me” also is required reading in hundreds of schools across the country, and many call it the “anti-bullying bible.” Last year, in response to audience demand for more information, she released another book, “Please Stop Laughing at Us … One Survivor’s Extraordinary Quest to Prevent School Bullying.”

Jodee Blanco’s traveling show

Jodee Blanco’s fast cash from book sales has allowed her to go on a physical quest, presenting her anti-bullying program “It’s Not Just Joking Around” to students across the country. A biography on Jodee Blanco explains:

From fifth grade through the end of high school, she was rejected and tormented by her peers simply for being different and knows firsthand what it’s like to contemplate retaliation. As an adult, she decided to go public with her story because she was frustrated by society’s misconceptions about the true cause of the school tragedies such as Columbine.

She delivers her “It’s Not Just Joking Around” seminar at the request of several government and educational organizations. She has been recognized by The National Crime Prevention Council.

Jodee Blanco’s story

“Please Stop Laughing at Me” begins with Jodee Blanco’s recounting of sitting outside her high school reunion, scared to go in, even though she is an adult now. She talks about feelings of loneliness and desperation. She was ostracized and sometimes physically assaulted. An excerpt from her book says:

“Bullies don’t realize the pain they’re inflicting can cause lasting emotional and psychological scars. Society says ‘kids will be kids.’ As a result, the bullies get off the hook and later don’t recall hurting anyone, because in their minds, they were just being normal.

Even Blanco’s childhood therapist subscribed to the “kids will be kids” philosophy and simply prescribed medication that did little more than make her sleepy. Jodee Blanco is credited now with starting a movement that has shifted the social dynamic of America’s schools.