Jobs Available But No Consumers?

A Field Day for Hackers

(Photo from markhillary,

(Photo from markhillary,

Hackers from Russia made away with millions of dollars from Citibank and also managed to get into states’ security agencies, yet Citibank refuses to acknowledge this fact. Reports now state that the US government is looking for experts in the IT field, but does not have the talent available. This means that the country will have to look elsewhere and import the required talent, which will send jobs out of the country. Local unemployed residents will be stuck within the clutches of lenders as they search for payday loans.

Can’t American Employees Handle This?

One can definitely say that they can, because there are many Americans who are not only capable and trained, but are also unemployed. Can the administration of the country look to provide some extra training and fit people into the available jobs? If there is, indeed, a serious shortage of such employees within the administration, it would be better to hire someone who could train others in the US to do the jobs, rather than hire people from other countries. By doing this, many who are unemployed and have a lot of debts will be able get out of the condition they are in. It will also help to reduce the rate of unemployment.

IT is an Expensive Field

Looking at the hundreds of jobs that have been outsourced and the number of people who are working on H1B visas in the country, one can only conclude that companies in America need the talent, but are not willing to pay the going rate for local talent. Instead, they would rather hire people at a lower wage, or send the job out altogether. This lack of concern among employers and the concern over the bottom line may be contributing to the current predicament in the United States. Lack of subsidies for the education sector may also play a role. Outsourcing to other countries may look cheap in the short term, but will leave a lasting impact that will be hard to remove in the long term. Students who must take out personal loans for education in no way helps them develop their skill properly, but instead are consistently worried about paying off their loans they must always be taking out. This leaves absolutely no real time for study.

The Home Solution

If the administration does want a long term solution to ease the unemployment burden, they must concentrate on creating educational opportunities for the jobs. It will also involve subsidizing specialized training and making sure that people attend these courses, rather than wait in a queue for a job. Jobs must be assured after a candidate has gone through the training. This will relieve the candidate from the burden of personal loans for education, and will also pay off the administration’s effort. If offered, this may help to ease the burden that the unemployment rate is currently causing, and may give a jump start to ending the recession.

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