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New Jersey lottery jackpot gets even bigger

winning-the-lottery-190441The prize that will go to the next person who holds the winning numbers in the MegaMillions game of the New Jersey lottery continues to grow bigger. The $170 million prize that was up for grabs last night has now grown into a $207 million prize after no one came forward with the winning numbers.

It’s possible that the person with the winning numbers, 04-05-26-37-56-25, might still come forward, but likely the drawing for $207 million will be held Friday. That actual cash payout, if the winner chooses to accept one lump sum, is $130 million, which should keep the recipient from needing no fax payday loans any time soon … or ever.

New Jersey lottery benefits state

Like most state lotteries, the New Jersey lottery profits go toward funding state programs. The New Jersey lottery web site says:

“The Lottery is so much more than jackpots and making millionaires. It’s about helping to feed a nutritious meal to a young student, or providing scholarships to a high school student. It’s about improving the quality of life for disabled veterans and developmentally disabled individuals. As one of the most cost-efficient lotteries in the United States, the New Jersey Lottery spends approximately one percent of its revenues to operate and promote its business.”

A total of 57 percent of the money that the New Jersey Lottery brings in goes to prizes, and 34 percent goes to state programs. In totally the New Jersey lottery has contributed more than $17 billion to the state. Last year alone, the New Jersey lottery contributed $882 million to the state.

More New Jersey lottery games

The New Jersey lottery MegaMillions drawing isn’t the only opportunity for people to win, it’s just the biggest. The winning Pick Six numbers, 07-10-12-32-39-41, are currently worth $3.7 million. The person who holds the numbers 10-24-28-33-36 in the Jersey Cash 5 game wins $50,000.

New Jersey residents can also join the VIP club for chances to win other prizes. Membership in the VIP club is free and members get e-mails alerting them to the winning numbers.

Stay tuned for MegaMillions results

The next drawing for the winning numbers of the New Jersey lottery grand prize will be held Friday night. If the winner claims the prize, he or she can accept the $130 million right away or set up staggered payments.

If no one claims the MegaMillions prize, the jackpot will continue to grow until a winner is found. It’s rare for the jackpot to reach amounts higher than $100 million, so this is a pretty big event for the New Jersey lottery. Even though the winnings are so big, New Jersey lottery tickets still are the same price, only $1 each. That’s not a bad price to pay for a chance t win $207 million.