Jameshia Conner: Missing 12-year-old Found Dead in Chicago

Missing Girl Found Dead After Two Weeks

(Image from Wikimedia.org)

In Chicago, an astounding 20,000 people go missing every year. (Image from Wikimedia.org)

Jameshia Conner was the missing 12-year-old girl who recently was found dead in a South Side alley near her home in Chicago. Police authorities have ruled her death a homicide. Her body was found beaten and battered. Police believe Jameshia had passed away just one day before her body was found, although she had been missing for two weeks.

Chicago Police Dept. Under Scrutiny

The tragic story of Jameshia Conner has brought out many concerns over police’s tactics on reported missing children. Now her family is reportedly criticizing police, accusing them for not taking the appropriate actions within the immediate moments after the young girl was reported missing. Like fast cash loans, full immediate action must be carried out as soon as a child is reported missing.

The family, along with other members of the community, said that had police given Jameshia’s case the attention it required, she may still be alive today. They claim authorities mistakenly marked the case as a run-away, instead of a missing endangered child. However, Chicago police are standing their grounds and defending their investigating procedures.

“You can’t fault the police for the investigation that they conducted over these last two weeks. It clearly shows over 20 reports that were submitted, flyers that were handed out, leads messages that were created,” said Deputy Superintendent Steve Peterson of the Chicago Police Department. “There’s nothing that needs to be change in the investigative process in the Chicago Police Department.”

A recent investigation conducted by the Chicago Sun-Times, however, showed that “not all missing-persons cases are investigated equally, with race and age often playing a role in the level of urgency.” The report also shows that Chicago police considers missing-persons cases a priority if the child is under the age of 10, an elderly, “and those deemed ‘endangered,’ like mentally ill.”

Even Elected Officials Are Talking

On Tuesday night, a grieving crowd gathered in the alley where Jameshia Conner’s body was found. Rep. Bobby Rush was also present at the Tuesday night vigil. “Why did the Chicago Police Department classify this child as a runaway despite the pleas of the family that she did not match that profile?” he asked. “If police had taken this case more seriously, might Jahmeshia be alive today? Why wasn’t an Amber Alert issued? Had her case received the same amount of publicity that missing children from other communities receive, might she be alive today?”

Like fast cash loans for people in need of immediate funds, did police respond fast enough in the case of Jameshia Conner? Did they take the case as serious as they should have? What do you think?

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