Need failed relationship therapy? Try “It Was Over When”

“It Was Over When” is the Web site to get it all off your chest

Some of us move in and out of relationships with supernal ease. When the final curtain falls and the arc lights fade, what’s left but to remove the grease paint and start pressing the flesh en route to the next gig? For others, however, finding a path out of the blast crater is a bit more challenging.

If you’re looking for quick loans, get started here. Of course, if you’re looking for my advice rather than money, try this: tell the story of when your relationship died at “It Was Over When.” The cathartic release will do you some good. Of course, quick cash for those annoying bill collectors can be cathartic, too.

Laugh that loser right out of your life

Stories tend to come from either side of the relationship cold war. There are escapees with horror stories of dating atrocities. Then there are ceremoniously dumped who know they have baggage that includes a sense of humor. Clueless individuals need not get started, as they probably don’t see how a site like “It Was Over When” could be important – or that anything they do could possibly end up there.

The exact moment when the relationship ended

The tipping point as documented on “It Was Over When” is akin to William Burroughs’ “naked lunch: a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.” It could come after two dates, two years or (what seems like) two lifetimes. Whether it’s funny, sad or patently unbelievable, sharing the moment can be good for the survivor. As founder Robert Elder puts it, “It Was Over When” aims to “provide a bit of comfort, humor and, hopefully, healing identification.” For those who want to read of when love began, Elder also has “It Was Love When.” It all amounts to quick loans of sanity during an insane time, perhaps.

For our enjoyment, broken down by category

“It Was Over When” organizes the experiences of others into helpful categories. Here they are, along with my notes on personal favorites.


“Kim’s” story of the late date cracks me up:

“We met online and, after a few months, set up a date. He was supposed to arrive @ 7 p.m. He didn’t show until 11:30 p.m. Kept getting lost and calling me from various “lost” locations. I’m sorry, only an idiot would get this lost. Nonetheless, I kept the date and let Lost Boy into my home. At 12:30am, I yawned. He shot up from his chair and barked at me: “Sorry if I’m keeping you up or anything” and ran out the door.”


Here we have great stuff I cannot relate to you in this forum.


“Nicole’s” relationship ended once she realized that her man preferred to play with her online avatar rather than be with her in person. He could “never really love me,” she writes.



It’s interesting how more than one of the front page stories for this category has to do with money. Do I smell commentary on our society here?



And finally, Best of

Life is too short to cater to crazy. That’s why “Mark” left his relationship. His girlfriend was keeping a list of all his friends that she “hated for taking attention away from her.” Thankfully, as Mark relates, these friends are all still alive.

Your quick loans blogger enjoys “It Was Over When” and will contribute his own story soon

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