iPhone OS4 | Multitasking and more on the horizon for iPhone

The home screen of an iPhone OS4.

The home screen of an iPhone OS4. Image from Flickr.

The iPad has barely come out, and iPad apps are still the hottest download, but Apple has already moved on to the iPhone OS4. This Thursday at Apple Headquarters, iPhone OS4 will be previewed in a “sneak peek” press event. While no details have been officially released, the rumors are running wild – but don’t run out to get bad credit ok personal loans for the iPhone OS4 yet.

iPhone OS4 will operate iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

The announcement of iPhone OS4 will affect more than just the iPhone. Several devices, including the just-barely-released iPad run on the iPhone OS. Apple iPhone OS4 will be the first update to the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch operating system since June of 2009. Nothing is yet known for certain what the iPhone OS4 will include, but it’s sure to have some big changes.

Will the iPhone OS4 fix iPad problems?

The current Apple iPhone OS is the operating system for the newly-released iPad. While iPad apps are based on this iPhone system, there have been complaints. The largest complaint about the iPhone OS on the iPad is that multi-tasking is simply not supported. The rumor mill says that the iPhone OS4 may include multi-tasking based on Apple’s Expose. This would allow iPad apps to run at the same time. For example, iPhone OS4 may allow you to have a Twitter iPad app at the same time you’ve got your iPad debt consolidation calculator app open.

When will Apple iPhone OS4 be released?

Of course, the Apple iPhone OS4 details won’t be known before the announcement event. Based on the release of the Apple iPhone OS3, we will probably be waiting a while for the release of Apple iPhone OS4. OS3 was previewed in March of 2009, but was not released until June. So, most likely, your iPad apps, iPhone, and iPod Touch won’t be running the iPhone OS4 until at least June or July.