Ways to save fast cash on leisure activities

Library Books

There are ways to save serious fast cash on leisure activities, like checking out books from a library instead of buying them at a bookstore. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

There are a lot of ways to save fast cash by cutting corners on leisure activities. Believe it or not, there are ways to still have fun and not have to sacrifice much at all. One just has to be creative and know a little.

Ways to cut leisure expenses and save some serious cash

Leisure activities are a necessary expense in order for people to stay mentally healthy. For instance, a lot of people love movies. It’s a time honored tradition, and a lot of fast cash gets spent at theaters every year. However, that doesn’t mean paying full price. For instance:

  • Matinees at theaters are usually 25 percent cheaper or more
  • Most cities have discount theaters that show films that have been out for awhile at half the cost or less
  • Only go to the theaters if it counts – limit your trips to just a few special films and wait for the rest to come out on DVD
  • Check out free streaming movies Netflix and other services

Get a library card

Libraries are increasingly neglected resources. Most are funded publicly, and a library card is worth it. Late fees won’t make a person run for a loan until payday. Checking out a book from the library means not having to pay Barnes and Noble a lot of money, and because most public libraries have DVD selections, you may even be able to avoid paying for rental. There are public libraries in nearly every town in America from Alabama to Alaska.

Learn to cut corners

There is no reason to pay full price for anything there is an alternative to if quality is not compromised. Just because a movie or book is a little older doesn’t mean it is no good. Cutting corners when it comes to leisure activities without sacrificing is entirely possible and can mean some serious spare change in the pocket.