Honda recall | Soft brakes are to blame this time

2008 Honda Element

The 2008 Honda Element will be included in this recall. Image from Flickr.

Today, Honda announced that it would soon be recalling nearly a half-million 2007 and 2008 Honda Element and Odyssey vehicles in the U.S., Canada and UAE. The Honda recall is because of an issue with the braking and stability system that causes a soft brake pedal over time, decreasing the braking power of the vehicle. Although the recall was announced today, Honda will not be notifying owners that they need the recall repair until the end of April -leaving some choosing to get a personal loan and get the issue repaired before the official recall repairs begin.

Honda recall is the 2nd this year

In February of this year, Honda Motors expanded a recall of 2001 and 2002 Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V, and Acura vehicles for driver’s airbag inflation problems. That recall was to stop the driver’s side airbag from inflating too quickly, sending metal shrapnel toward the driver in the event of a crash. Honda also recalled 646,000 Fit, Jazz, and City cars in January on reports of fires that started in power window switches.

Honda recall is for safety concerns

As reported by the Dayton Business Journal, the Transportation Highway Safety Administration
has received reports of three crashes and has already initiated a probe into these braking problems. No deaths have been connected to the recalled Honda vehicles. This most recent Honda recall is for another safety-related issue – this time, in the braking system. According to AP reports, there is a flaw in the stability assistance device that allows air into the brake lines. Over time, this air can build up and soften the brake pedal.

Honda owners will be notified of the recall in April

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, owners of the recalled Honda vehicles will be notified if their Honda is included in the recall at the end of April. This is for two reasons: First, because Honda is still identifying exactly which vehicles are affected by the issue. Secondly, Honda is still identifying the best way to fix the issue that prompted the recall. There is a temporary fix available if owners wish to use a pay day loan or other options to pay for their own repairs. Technicians can seal the brake line to ensure no further air enters the brake line.