New Hi-Def Phones Without Obtaining Online Loans

Get Technology with Emotion, Without Online Loans

Companies like Orange may make "high definition" a reality for Americans soon. (Photo:

Companies like Orange may make "high definition" a reality for Americans soon. (Photo:

When the former Soviet Republic of Moldova aired radio advertisements featuring an assortment of emotional calls, the start of a technological wave began to spread. “This is the world’s first high-definition cell phone system that carries voices that are full of raw, human emotions, not tinny or muffled-sounding speech,” says Liudmila Climoc, chief executive of Orange Moldova wireless carrier.

Cell Phones Have Come a Long Way

Back in the 1990s, quality of cell phones left something to be desired. Of course, those were still the early stages of mobile technology, and things would only progress. Events regarding cell phones changed, however, when cell phones made the shift from analog to digital. The cell phone industry promised that the switch would create better, crisper sounds, and unfortunately they didn’t deliver on the promise. Over the years, cell phone companies began to improve the added amount of capacity, but not the quality of the phones.

More Capacity and Less Quality

The growth of cell phone usage has grown by 30 percent within the last year. Now, customers seem to be looking for more than packing a bunch of calls into cell airwaves. It seems that Americans are expanding on the capacity strategy, offering all sorts of data services that will utilize all the growing capacity. Eventually, the U.S. will catch up with Moldova when we realize that the cost of better sounding voice calls is cheap enough to avoid a cash advance, but not to ignore.

No More Talk-Time Lag

North America still has a small ways to catch up. The U.S. carriers convert calls into 6,000 digital bits per second, which is the reason for the horrible sounding quality. The French wireless carrier Orange uses double the U.S.’s number of bits. When more digital bits are passed per second, the highs and lows of the human voice are not so badly curtailed. It is truly voice in high definition.

Another good thing to point out about high definition calls is that they will eliminate that annoying lag between the moment that someone speaks and when the sounds reaches the other person’s ear. People have often assumed that the reason for the momentary lag in talk time is because of the cell phones themselves, but that’s not true. Just the same as optical fiber does, wireless signals can travel through the air at extremely high speed. The delays actually occur because of slow software in the cell phones, and “roundabout” routing systems. A company by the name of New Long Term Evolution is set to launch their services next year, and it’s said that their software should diminish the current cell phone voice lag by 75 percent, which most human ears won’t even notice.

Make Way for New Generation of Cell Phones

Orange Wireless already has some 500,000 high definition phones installed in Europe that utilize voice-over-Internet (VoIP) technology. The company’s technology first received criticism of poor quality from around the globe relative to the service of traditional phone lines. At last, it seems that Orange has closed the gap with both Wi-Fi and cell calls, bringing better technology to the forefront of a growing, sometimes crude industry. In the next year or so, Americans should also be able to call up friends or family and talk to them as if they are actually face-to-face. Move over, Jetsons. America just might be catching up without the need of online loans, and isn’t freedom of choice is delightful?