Hector Penate boasts after sleeping with wife of Larry King

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Hector Penate gets a day in the sun by bragging about sleeping with Larry King's wife Shawn Southwick: there's no such thing a shame in Hollywood. Flickr photo.

Hector Penate says he slept with Larry King’s estranged wife, Shawn Southwick. The penniless actor, who no one had ever heard of until Wednesday, has found a way to get money now by crowing about his complete lack of scruples in the latest issue of In Touch magazine on newsstands today. Penate is reaping immediate dividends from his shameless opportunism–you can learn all about the sordid details when he appears in an interview Wednesday night at 7:30 on CBS.

Hector Penate: cuckholding coach

Hector Penate, a 31-year-old who says he is an actor, cuckholded Larry King by sleeping with Shawn Southwick in 2007 while he was coaching their sons Chance, 11, and Cannon, 9, in Little League. In the Touch scoop, Penate says he even had sex, repeatedly, with Southwick in the bed she shared with Larry King while the CNN talk show host was on the air.

Hector Penate and Larry King: made for each other

Hector Penate’s blockbuster confession has an abundance of sleazy sidebars. He said that all the while he was having sex with Southwick, her husband Larry didn’t even mind because he was trying to bed Southwick’s sister. In fact, Larry King’s divorce got rolling last week when King and Southwick filed divorce papers simultaneously after a spat over Southwick’s claim that King is indeed having an affair with her 46-year-old sister, Shannon Engemann. In Penate’s CBS interview, he says he is willing to take a lie detector test to prove his utter lack of character. Meanwhile, Southwick has denied having an affair with Penate.

Shawn Southwick sugar mama

Penate told Touch that while he was having sex with Southwick on a regular basis, she compensated him for his services by whipping out her credit card for a BMW 7 series sedan and paid his rent. To prove that he had abandoned whatever conscience he once had long ago, he said Southwick even paid his rent and had King co-sign the lease for Penate’s Studio City, Calif., apartment.

Hector Penate and Larry King’s divorce

Shortly after King and Southwick filed for divorce after nearly 13 years of marriage last week,they put the process on hold. In a statement Monday,King’s lawyer, Dennis Wasser, said “It was decided that there will be no divorce activity for two weeks as several issues need to be discussed and resolved.”

Now that its Wednesday, and Hector Penate’s shameless thirst for fast cash has been laid bare for all to see, expect another statement from Mr. Wasser sooner rather than later.