Heather Zeo | Facebook Seducer a Danger to Her Students

This time, it’s Heather Zeo

Take her away, boys. (Photo: kyw1060.com)

What is going on here? At what point did our schools become battlegrounds where teachers adopt the roles of sexual predators who take advantage of our youth?

Oh, right. It’s always been that way. However, the perpetrators today are generally more bold – and a heck of a lot dumber. Let there be no doubt. This is exceedingly disgusting, and no fine, termination of employment or time in jail erases the stain. Who truly ends up needing money is the victims, sometimes deep into life. There’s a role that payday loans and payday advance loans can play in this dark equation. They can help the victims find the light.

Heather Zeo joins the twisted parade

According to Philadelphia’s Newsradio KYW1060, Heather Lynne Zeo, 36, was a math teacher at North Penn High School. But no longer. Now she is under arrest, having been accused of having sexual encounters with one of her students. The young man was only 17 years old. While it is true that the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16, that doesn’t even come close to making this acceptable. Heather Zeo exploited a professional relationship. In my view, she exploited a child.

It started on Facebook

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All the more reason that the family Internet connection needs to be kept in the family room. Zeo connected with the student via online social networking, then there were meetings in empty classrooms and in the teacher’s minivan. Rightly, she has been charged with child endangerment and corruption. She has also been “suspended” from her job. Why not “FIRED?”

Prosecutor Kate McGill says the Warrington, Pa. woman will stand trial. Here are McGill’s comments:

This was really a calculated seduction. I think in this situation where she reached out to these students on Facebook, she contacted them, she developed a relationship with them. they trusted her.

Students? As in plural? That is correct. Heather Zeo is alleged to have carried on “suggestive” conversations with another student.

Let’s check out her Web site

According to the Web site for Heather Lynne Zeo and other media reports, she is a  married mother of three. Outside of teaching, she professes to be a Christian and has recorded educational CDs and inspirational music. The disease and hypocrisy are too thick here.

News from the preliminary hearing

Which, in my experience, is a moneymaking scheme on the part of the legal system… but that’s just my experience.

Regardless, the two 17-year-old boys testified. Under cross-examination from the defense, the students explained exactly how Heather Zeo seduced them. Prosecutors claimed there were several instances of sexual relations with one of the students.

Enough. I have to go clean off

And I may need payday loans and payday advance loans to afford the amount of Boraxo I’ll need to get this story off my hands. Higher standards for teachers and more home schooling, please!

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