Halloween Costumes to Make at Home | Cheap and Easy

Procrastinator’s refrain

Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

This happens to me every year. Around the beginning of October, I think to myself “I should come up for a good idea for a costume.” And then, being a creative type, I sit back and wait for inspiration. I usually don’t even decide if I want a Halloween costume to make at home or if I want to buy one.

Next thing I know, it’s two days until Halloween and I’ve got nothing. The chances of me actually making it to the store to buy a Halloween costume or components of one are slim to none, so I decided to check out ideas for Halloween costumes to make at home. Here are the best ideas I found. You dont’ need no fax payday loans or or transportation for these Halloween costumes to make at home.

Artist costume

For this, all you need are some dark pants, an oversized white shirt, cardboard, paint and a paintbrush. I’m sure you can figure out the rest from  here, but just in case you need some coaching, put on the clothes and cut the cardboard into the shape of an artist’s palette. Paint different colored dots on it, and when you go out bring it and the paintbrush along for effect.

If you have a beret or other artist-looking hat that’s best, but if not smear some paint in your hair to get the message across. Extra points for putting paint splotches on your face, clothes and skin.

Edward Scissorhands

Why not go as one of the best Tim Burton characters of all time? The important thing for this costume is to dress in all black. Get a leather coat and something that can act as a wide, leather bel. Put on black pants, put the belt on over the leather coat, and you’ve got your outfit.

Now for the important part: the hands. Get a pair of gloves and some duct tape and you’re halfway there. Depending on where you are going and what you are planning on doing, adults could potentially attach real knives to the fingertips of their costumes. Obviously, this won’t work in most situations (although it’d look really cool).

The site I looked at recommended using foam core. If you don’t have that lying around the house, I say cut some cardboard or sturdy poster board into long, pointy triangles. Your friends will get the point. Use temporary spray color to make your hair black, and then mess it up really good. Use lots of product. Slap on some white face paint or powder and black lipstick, and voila!

Ya big baby

I kind of like this idea because it is super easy and comfortable. Just throw on some jammies, grab a pacifier and a teddy bear, and you’re done. If you want to take it further, wear a bib or fuzzy hat. Aren’t babies always wearing hats?

Clothes that really say “baby” might be tough to find, but if you wear the pacifier around your neck and hold the teddy bear in one hand while sucking your thumb, people will see that you really put forth some effort this year. Bonus points if you have a rattle and cry for no explainable reason.

Bag of jelly beans

For some reason, this one made me laugh. Get a bunch of small, different colored balloons and a large, clear plastic garbage bag. Wear tight-fitting, light-colored clothing.

Make foot and arm holes in the garbage bag, step in and fill the bag with the small blown-up balloons. Tie a ribbon around your neck to close the bag.

A few other ideas for Halloween costumes to make at home: beggar, Barbie, laundry, biker, Charlie Brown, gangster, hillbilly, hula dancer, movie star, nerd, pop star, snowman, scarecrow, static cling, tourist, white trash, bar code.