Google Caffeine Could Affect Many Businesses

Google Caffeine might shake things up

And you thought this type of caffeine had a big effect on business productivity.

And you thought this type of caffeine had a big effect on business productivity.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Google is the go-to search engine for a vast majority of the world. While most casual users do appreciate the power inherent with being the world’s most-used search engine, it’s a little crazy to think of the extent this power goes to. Some people use Google to get fast cash, but there are long-term business plans and jobs that are built around the way Google works.

The mammoth search engine is introducing Google Caffeine, which the company says will increase the search engine’s speed as well as change page rankings, the order in which pages appear on Google after users type in search terms. This has ramifications for several types of businesses, not to mention individual jobs. Let’s look at a few categories of businesses that could be affected by Google Caffeine.


Of course, the company is releasing Google Caffeine for its own reasons. Even though the search engine is by far the most-used in the world right now, that doesn’t mean it’s untouchable. The Guardian reports:

Despite that lead, a series of threats have emerged recently that have seen the company redouble its efforts. Chief among them is Microsoft’s continuing effort to break into the top tier of the search business, which has so far included rebranding its search engine as and scoring a deal to take control of Yahoo’s search business.

Other possible contenders for the future of the business have emerged, too, including a “knowledge engine” called Wolfram Alpha, designed by British-born physicist Stephen Wolfram; and the emergence of so-called “real-time search” through websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Built in to the reality that Google Caffeine is aimed at keeping the top search engine in that position, it carries ramifications for Google’s competition.

Sales and marketing firms

Everyone knows that to make money, you must have a product or service to sell. Getting a high page ranking on Google is a huge advantage for anyone who offers products and services online. People used to crack open a phone book when they wanted to order pizza, find a mechanic or call the movie theater to find out movie times.

Now, people go to Google and type in “mechanic” or “pizza.” So firms hire people who focus on getting their business to pop up as close to the top as possible on the Google search engine when people type in those search terms. PC World writes:

For those businesses that live-and-die based on Google-generated traffic, this is potentially a very big deal.

In a blog post announcing the project, Google suggested that Caffeine could change search results, which raises the prospect of companies’ needing to change their search engine optimization (SEO) to protect their Google ranking.

The flip side

Just as Google Caffeine has inherent ramifications for its competitors, the potential effects on page rankings could affect SEO specialists as well as the people who cater to them. Yep, that’s a business too. PC World writes:

This also means a field day for those selling quick fixes that will supposedly give companies a top Google ranking. There’s nothing quite like something most people don’t understand, but that can dramatically effect your business, to give some people anxiety.