Gmail Buzz (Googlebuzz) tackles social networking

What is Gmail Buzz or Googlebuzz?

Gmail Buzz, Googlebuzz

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It seems when Google sees a good idea, the humongous company just can’t seem to keep its hands off of it. From everything I have read about Google’s new product, which people are referring to as Gmail Buzz or Googlebuzz, it’s the same thing as Facebook. PC World reports:

Using Buzz, you can share pictures, videos, and links, pulling in media from other sites like YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, and even Twitter. Google put an emphasis on sharing media, with features like inline video playback and a custom photo viewer that lets you quickly skim through shared photos.

That sounds pretty much exactly like what Facebook does. It does automatic compilation of information for the sites mentioned, but I am not so certain that is a good thing. I don’t want to have to think through all my gmail contacts and whether they want to see every picture I ever post online. I’m just glad that I can still get a cash until payday loan and be sure that my privacy will be protected.

Signing up for Gmail Buzz

You can check out this new service for yourself at A lot of people who know more about technology than I do are saying good things about the fact that “the data is geotagged.” But I also read that you will get an email every time someone comments on your status or comments on your comments. I am sure that will be easy to turn off just as it is with Facebook, but that sounds pretty annoying.

So here is my question: Why would people, who already have a social network built  up on Facebook want to start from scratch with Gmail Buzz? Sure, all of your gmail contacts will automatically be a part of your social network, but I think that only people who have gmail can use Googlebuzz. So what about my sister, who still stubbornly sticks with her Yahoo address?

More info on Gmail Buzz

For articles by people more technologically savvy than I, check out these articles from The Seattle P.I. and PC World for more information.

Will you be signing up for Gmail Buzz, or Googlebuzz?