Teenaged girl fights on YouTube – “Down goes common sense!”

Our culture of violence is equal opportunity

There's goofing around, and then there are full-on girl fights. Teenagers must learn that street justice is not a long-term solution.

For a faded rose
Will I be the one that you save?
I love when it showers
But no one puts flowers
On a flower’s grave
– Tom Waits, “Flower’s Grave”

If you ask a teenage girl today what they think about concepts of feminine fragility and ladylike grace, chances are that many will laugh at you. We live in a hyper-sexualized, violent soup of popular culture that teaches young girls not only to grow up fast, but to come out swinging. That includes – but is not limited to – the fists. If girl fights on YouTube are any indication, you’ve come a long way down a dead-end street, baby. Seek counseling. Have mom and dad take out payday loans if necessary, but seek help now.

Disputes turn violent

CBS News ran a recent story on this, and the presence of cell phone video is making it easy to document. Now girls can act out their favorite LiLo – Samantha Ronson dust-ups and become viral stars. And in many cases, viruses of a communicable nature are actually involved! How long until the Tequila gets in on this action, and will she have all her shots before entering the octagon?

Seriously, CBS reports that one video of a violent girl fight shows that adults were on camera watching. This isn’t “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” meat sacks. If you’re profiting from this, you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, just as the people who originally staged “bum fights” were.

15 minutes of infamy

District Attorney Gerry Leone of Middlesex, Mass. told CBS, “We found three different videos posted to YouTube, and it was female-on-female violence, where young females were fighting in a very violent way, and being exhorted to do so by friends who were both boys and girls.” The viral masses appear to like the concept of girl fights, too. If what educators tell CBS is accurate, 80 percent or more of school fights are girl fights – and the Web is partly to blame.

Wait. Isn’t that the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument? Not exactly. By nature of how easy it is to become “famous” on the Web, teenagers and other impressionable types might be more apt to act out. Girl fights in front of the camera give them an added incentive to spice things up. However, the root problem lay with what our youth learn about conflict resolution. Environment is an inescapable piece of the puzzle, I fear.

Nature, nurture, knuckle sandwich

This isn’t all about the boys anymore. Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein told CBS that “Boys always fought physically. Girls fought with social aggression, with slander and making rumors and all that stuff, and now it’s going this extra step. And girls are mean and they fight dirty. It’s hard to watch.”

Yes, as Little Walter sings, “I play dirty… I hit kinda hard below the belt.” Human beings are violent creatures by nature, and that includes women. However, we also possess a genetic imperative that falls under the “preservation of the species” column. Violence may be shocking and even entertaining to some, but learning how to deal with problems in a constructive way most of the time is necessary. Unless the human race consuming itself is entertaining to you AND “Left Behind” readers, that is.

Working out physical energy

Why not try, oh, I don’t know… SPORTS?

Competition is natural, and on the field of sport, people can learn to work with one another in the team concept. Payday loans aren’t necessary to buy that blueprint; you either learn to co-exist, or you die. That’s the way life works.

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