Get Cash Now with these Easy College Living Tips

“I Need Cash Now!”

These college students are struggling financially – so much so that they can't afford suitable hats. Perhaps cash advance loans can help? (Photo:

These college students are struggling financially – so much so that they can't afford suitable hats. Perhaps cash advance loans can help? (Photo:

(EDITOR’S DISCLAIMER: Many payday lending companies require that consumers be employed for a certain period of time before they are eligible to receive payday loans.)

Anyone who has ever screamed, “I need cash now!” while surviving the sometimes grueling experience of college life can attest that it’s a financial pain. Everything seems to cost money. From the roof over your head to the parking you utilize, it all costs money. Let’s say you aren’t living on campus. The tuition alone can take away from anyone’s pockets. Even when people acquire financial aid, other suggestions may need to be considered.

Consider Getting a Cash Advance Loan

Online cash advance Web sites such as Personal Money Store can assist with some of the less expensive liabilities. Though they are cheaper, they can be equally as important. If you own your own car, gas expenses can skyrocket through the roof. Just keep in mind that constantly taking out cash advance loans can get you into financial trouble. If you know that some grant, financial aid, or loan money should be coming soon and you need some cash until then, cash advance loans could do the trick.

Catch the Bus Some Days

The price of gas has gone up considerably in the past 10 years, making cars large liabilities. This is particularly true when the car requires payments or is being leased. During the times when gas prices are higher than usual, consider catching the local bus to school. If your job is on the local bus-line, you’ll save even more money and even get some exercise just by letting your car sit for a day or two.

Stock Up on Canned Goods

Supermarkets like Wal-Mart and Kroger offer great deals on canned good foods. Soups, fruits, and even meats are canned, and can be purchased in some cases for less than $1.50 a can. You want to make sure, however, that you avoid fast food restaurants at all costs. Most times, students are racing from place to place, constantly in a time crunch. If a student has a job and no car, the time constraints are more prevalent. This makes quick meals more tempting. Buy more foods that can be cooked and maybe even preserved for longer. A tried and true remedy for college hunger pangs is Ramen Noodles. You see? The trick is finding creative ways to feed yourself without starving.

Shack Up with Other Students

Living alone can be extremely expensive while attending school. For some people, campus living is an option, but for others, living off campus is the best financial choice. You and any other students you know might consider chipping in for a three- or four-bedroom apartment or house. Some people find this resolution satisfactory because they know their roommates will be around for at least two years, unless they drop out. In the case that a roommate does decide to move out, other frugal students will be eager to drop anchor and help with bills.

Supplement Your Income

There are many Web sites that offer money for easy work. If you are someone who loves social networking, for instance, Personal Money Store offers opportunities for you to do what you already love doing – and they pay you! What could be better than that? If you like to write, Personal Money Store also presents writing opportunities for freelancers. Another Web site called PeopleString offers profit-sharing for their members to do the things they already do, such as surf the World Wide Web, check their E-mail, visit social networking Web sites, and even check out dating websites. You can also visit over three dozen popular Web sites offering retail items along with cash-back options.

These are but a few ideas and suggestions to help you supplement your income while taking tests, doing homework and working a part- of full-time job during college. If times become too difficult, you can still consider requesting online cash advance loans and get cash now.