Free Shipping Day 2009 is TODAY! Get Packin’

Everyone loves Free Shipping Day 2009

Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

Customers and businesses both win on Free Shipping Day 2009, which is today. This day was designated because it’s the last day most retailers can guarantee the package will arrive by Christmas Day.

On Free Shipping Day 2009, more retailers are participating than ever before, but it’s a fairly new tradition. Three years ago when Free Shipping Day started, only a few stores participated. However, the tradition has grown enormously, and on Free Shipping Day 2009, a total of 737 retailers are participating. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, but you’re planning a big purchase that normally would cost a lot to ship, it might be worth it to get a cash until payday loan so you can take advantage of free shipping.

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While the customers who get presents sent to them for free might think they’re the ones winning big on Free Shipping Day, the event helps businesses by giving their sales a boost. This is especially beneficial to small businesses. According to the Christian Science Monitor:

“This is something for small businesses,” says Luke Knowles of, the group organizing Free Shipping Day. “In the current state of the economy, a lot of companies could use a day like this that might equal three or four days of sales throughout the rest of the year.”

A lot of big retailers are participating in Free Shipping Day 2009, though, including Amazon, Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Chico’s, Apple and GNC.

Free Shipping Day 2009 and the economy

Though Free Shipping Day was started before the recession, in this economic climate retailers are especially glad for this day.

“It saves quite a bit of money,” says Megan Cassity of Hickory Farms, a medium-sized food and gift-basket retailer. “And in this economy everybody is looking to save every little bit that they can.”

Take advantage of Free Shipping Day 2009 to save money and help out struggling retailers. But hurry, you’ve got to do it today!