Father waterboards daughter, 4, who couldn’t recite the alphabet

Children do not deserve sociopaths as parents

Remember when there were still people arguing that waterboarding isn’t torture? Are those same people going to step forward in defense of waterboarding as news breaks that it has been used by a so-called parent in a horrific act against his daughter – and act that he likely considered discipline? Step right up and shame yourselves before the human race, waterboarding apologists. This payday loans blogger finds it all to be quite disgusting.

Father waterboards daughter because she wouldn’t recite her ABCs

Fox News reports that a U.S. soldier named Joshua Tabor, 27, is facing allegations that he waterboarded his four-year-old daughter. No reason for such an act would be good enough, but the talk is that Tabor held her head under the kitchen sink because she wouldn’t recite the alphabet on cue.

I’m not sure I understand the “alleged” part of this, as media reports indicate that Tabor told police that he and his girlfriend “held her down on the counter and submerged her head into the water three or four times until the water came around her forehead and jawline.” And yes, it was because she was “refusing to say her letters.” Other statements indicate there may have been a history of abuse.

Reasoning with a sociopath

Some say waterboarding isn't torture. Will they say the same for this four-year-old little girl? (Photo: Wikipedia.org)

Call it what you will: sociopathic tendencies, combat stress or total lack of human regard.  I reserve judgment because I don’t know the exact motivation, but I do know that now reason could ever be good enough to excuse the action. Tabor has been charged with second-degree child assault and is awaiting his day in court. I say that sounds entirely too lenient, for lack of more information.

I will not paint members of the armed forces or law enforcement with a broad brush here, as the diversity of consumers from a diversity of backgrounds makes accurate sweeping statements nearly impossible. However, I do have questions about the psychological screening process that may have been used to admit Joshua Tabor into America’s Armed Forces. He would not be the first possible sociopath to be drawn to such a position where one has the power of life or death over another. He would also not be the first to slip through the system.

Catch them early. America and its children deserve no less

So while I will not say that sociopaths in the military or law enforcement are perhaps anything more than an overlooked minority, your payday loans blogger will say that if it happens at all, it’s a problem. If the Armed Forces and law enforcement of America are to protect the best interests of the people, then the people must have complete reassurance that the men and women serving are not tightly wound springs, poised to snap.

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