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Robots, lasers and my childhood paradise



From the time I was quite small, I was fascinated by robots. Particularly robots equipped with laser beams. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, eh? My dream was that my family would be able to afford a ruby tube so that I could construct a laser in my bedroom, at the very least so I could annihilate my G.I. Joe action figures. I tended to side with Cobra in such conflicts.

Little did I realize then that ruby tubes are prohibitively expensive for most people. If I’d known about the payday loan or cash advance then, I’d probably have begun campaigning for my parents to get the money that way. Needless to say, I didn’t fully understand the value of money back then.

But today, the robot part of my dream exists

According to the News Around the Globe blog, Erector has released the Erector Spykee the Spy Robot. This remote-controlled robot was just what I wanted when I was eight years old: tank treads, arms that can grab and a built in camera for covert surveillance. Check it out at their Web site.

I needed something like Erector Spykee the Spy Robot back then: I had to spy on my cat Rhoda when she was away doing those things that cats do. That was enough reason to have a robot of my own. Oh, I suppose it would have been good for spying on neighbors, too.

And it works over WiFi!

That’s right, Erector Spykee the Spy Robot can be controlled over a WiFi network, and it can transmit what its camera picks up to any computer with an Internet connection, WiFi or otherwise. The number of features this little spy robot boasts is not to be believed!

Looking at the construction of Erector Spykee the Spy Robot, there are 200 plastic pieces that can easily be assembled from scratch with simple tools. You can even put it together in a configuration that suits your tastes. It comes with a WiFi card, video camera, speaker system, lights, fiber optics and a microphone. With all of this, spy monitoring should be a snap.

What do you make of this?

(Start at the :37 second mark and view through :50; the rest is up to you)

Me, I would make a scorpion, lunar vehicle… or a robot. Yeah, I guess that would work. Using a computer with a WiFi connection or even my iPhone, I would control Erector Spykee the Spy Robot. I would see and hear what it sees and hears. I could broadcast my voice to warn cats that I’m coming to take them away, then take pictures of them fleeing and send the photos to I Can Haz Cheezburger. That would be just swell.

Oh, not only that, but with Erector Spykee the Spy Robot, I’d have the ability to personalize photos and videos using special filters that are built right in to the Erector Spykee the Spy Robot package. In my down time, I’d plug my iPhone (or iPod) in and play MP3s. After munching cookies and drinking beer, I’d fall asleep.

But I’d be safe!

Yes, because Erector Spykee the Spy Robot would be set to sense intruders and automatically E-mail me photos or video of the perpetrators. No vengeful cats could ne’er steal my breath whilst I slept. Because my iPhone would signal the E-mail delivery within a few minutes of it being sent. Would that be enough time to save me from a slaycat in my room? Perhaps…

Here are the minimum requirements

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In order to use Erector Spykee the Spy Robot, you have to have a computer with a WiFi card. That computer must be sporting at least 512 MB of Ram, have 100 MB or more available on the hard disk and you must be running the appropriate operating software. That would be at least Windows XP Service Pack 2 with .NET 2.0 framework; Windows Vista; or Mac OS 10.4 or higher. If you have a Macintosh, it must have a PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel processor.

With those things in place, you can run an Erector Spykee the Spy Robot. So long as you have about $400 to spend on one, that is. Might you need a cash advance or payday loans for that? We can’t hook you up with enough for a ruby tube, but Erector Spykee the Spy Robot is doable. Hit the button to get started!

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