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Roast leg of lamb

Roast leg of lamb is one of the most traditional Easter dinner recipes. Image from Flickr.

If your family gets together for Easter dinner, or if you choose to celebrate the spring holiday on your own, having great Easter recipes makes the day that much better. Springtime holiday food has a flavor all its own. Too early in the year for the hearty vegetables and grains of harvest, Easter recipes focus instead on meats, nuts, stored grains, young greens and preserved fruits. When you are putting together your recipes for Easter, include these elements for a traditionally tasty meal that won’t take payday loans to afford.

Easter dinner recipes – Leg of Lamb

Easter dinner recipes usually focus on one of two types of meat – lamb or ham. In many cultures, Easter dinner recipes began with the Jewish Passover Seder meal. Roasted lamb is the basis of most Seder meals, and quickly became a traditional Easter dish as well. Lamb is a very delicate meat, and is best seared (cooked with high heat) and then roasted (cooked at low heat). This method seals in flavor and moisture without drying out the meat.
This Easter dinner roast leg of lamb recipe is very flexible, easy, and flavorful. Try this if you prefer rack of lamb instead

Easter dinner recipes – Ham

Easter dinner recipes, especially in the United States, have long been moving away from expensive lamb to the more easily available ham. Celebrating tax resolution season with an expensive meal just doesn’t seem logical, after all. In early colonial America, ham that had been slaughtered the fall before was usually just ready come Easter time – so it made the perfect Easter dinner recipe. Ham roasts are usually smoked or cured, and can be roasted in a variety of ways. This basic ham roasting primer will get you started. Once you know the basics, you can try Cider-glazed ham or honey-glazed ham for your Easter dinner recipes.

Easter Dessert Recipes

No matter what your Easter dinner recipes may be, Easter Dessert recipes are the best place to have fun. Honey, nuts, and fruits are all fair game in the spring season, and the desserts you can make are out of this world. This Apple-Honey dessert pizza is very tasty, and easy. If you would like to spend a bit more time, this Honey Nut Easter Cake Recipe is wonderful. Fruit cobblers are a good way to show off last season’s fruits with all their flavor.