Earn Extra Cash | Affiliate Article Marketing Program

Show you the money? No problem

If you’re like me, you’re suspicious or perhaps even downright dismissive when you read about ways to make extra cash online. But I am so happy (and richer) because I gave the Affiliate Article Marketing Program a try.

Do you want to hear some numbers? How about two. That’s the number of articles I write, at most, per week, and that’s  usually the number of hours it takes me. Now here’s a bigger number for you: $500. That’s how much money I earned in one week after I had built up a catalog of articles.

My story

While I don’t make $500 every week, I have made some extra cash every week since I started writing for the Affiliate Article Marketing Program. It fluctuates between $5o and $500, but given the amount of time I put into it, it’s always a huge return. The key is to keep producing more articles, even if it’s only one or two per week.

Each time one of my articles makes a sale, I get between $30 and $70. So if I spent one hour on an article and it makes three sales, that hour just earned me a minimum of $90. Those are some high wages. The more articles you write, the more likely you are to make money. Furthermore, you can keep collecting commissions for articles you wrote months or even years ago. Every time an article your write makes a sale, you’ll get the commission, no matter how old the article is.

How it works

In order to make serious extra cash through the Affiliate Article Marketing Program, study up on payday loans, installment loans, cash advances and all types of short-term loans. You’ll do even better if you’ve successfully used these financial services before.

Write an informative article 300-500 words long. Any time someone clicks “get started now” on your article and follows through with getting a payday loan, you’ll get a commission. My commissions usually are about $40, so even if I only make one sale every day, I make more than $300 a week. Did I mention how amazingly nice it is to get a check every week?

The more the merrier

As I mentioned, it’s important to get as many articles online as you can. This increases your chances of making money. Even though your articles can still make money for you years after you have written them, newer articles will get more traffic, so you should keep writing new ones all the time.

I’ve noticed that if I go a couple of weeks without writing articles, my sales will drop about two weeks later. Sure, the size of your checks or Paypal payments can be unpredictable, but if you keep creating fresh content, you’ll keep making sales.

Be patient

It took a little while and a lot of articles for me to work up to making $500 a week, but it was more than worth it. Furthermore, you get your commissions two weeks after you make the sales, so you won’t be getting instant money, but mark my words: Once it starts rolling in, in just keeps coming.

I use my checks from the Affiliate Article Marketing Program to supplement my regular income, so I don’t spend a lot of time writing articles. But now that I’ve built up a big collection of articles, I can spend just a couple of hours per week and still make a few hundred dollars. And if you write more articles than I do or make higher sales, you could  make even more than that.

The real thing

I’m a real person who has made real money. If you have questions you can even e-mail my gmail account, paydayloanprincess. I’d be happy to answer questions for you or tell you more about my experiences. It is definitely worth the time investment to join the Affiliate Article Marketing Program.