Get your Denny’s free Grand Slam on Tuesday, February 9

If you can find a seat at your local Denny’s, that is

Mmmm… smells like a Denny's free grand slam meal!

Even needed payday loans for seat cushions? I mean the kind you carry around with you at sporting tailgates, the kind that fit onto arena seats. If you’re planning to take advantage of Denny’s free Grand Slam Tuesday on February 9, you’ll likely need a cushion, as you’re going to be waiting in the lobby for a long time. Everyone will want to enjoy their free Original Grand Slam between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., if for no other reason than to bring the pain to all those screaming chickens in the Denny’s Super Bowl ad. Check the video out below.

Free Grand Slam on your birthday, too!

Of course, it doesn’t work the same way it does on Ventura Boulevard, where freebie-seeking men shout out to ladies of the evening, “Hey, it’s my birthday!” At Denny’s you’ll actually have to register for the Denny’s Rewards program and show ID.

As an added bonus to the Denny’s free grand slam Tuesday, if you register at, you might even win one free Original Grand Slam per week for an entire year! That deal may be artery clogging, but at least it’s had its shots. Check out Denny’s Facebook page if you have more specific health questions.

But Denny’s won’t stop there

They’re also dishing out one free order of burger and fries for the first 500,000 people who register at the above URL. The coupon for winners will be E-mailed on February 28… and those who sign up before Valentine’s Day will receive another special offer.

For those of you who are on the fence about registering for Denny’s Rewards, there are other perks. You’ll gain “exclusive access” to great meal deals. You’ll also receive a special reward on your Denny’s Rewards anniversary date. No, it’s not another holiday you’ll have to keep track of, a holiday where you’ll need payday loans to buy gifts. Your adventure with Denny’s free Grand Slam will indeed be a cheap date, as will the Denny’s Rewards program.

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