Daylight saving time: So much to do, so little time

Don't let this happen to you on daylight saving time

Daylight saving time begins this weekend, so move your clocks forward one hour on Sunday, March 14, 2010, at 2:00am. For practical purposes – and with time slipping away, who can bother with anything other than practicalities? — that’s all you really need to know about daylight saving time.

If you live in Arizona, Hawaii, or the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, or American Samoa, you don’t even need to know that much. You’re off the hook entirely.

The rest of you, however, have work to do on Sunday, and one fewer hour to do it in.  Of course, even with daylight saving time fast approaching, everyone still has time to request instant payday loans.

Daylight-saving-time traditions

For some reason that no one, apparently, has ever had time to figure out, the onset of daylight saving time is the traditional time to do all these things:

  • Check emergency supplies
  • Stock up on batteries, flashlights, and first-aid kits
  • Check smoke alarms
  • Change smoke-alarm batteries
  • Update emergency phone numbers
  • Review home evacuation plans

Extra work for Madison residents

If you live in Madison, the above checklist may not be all you have to do. In Madison, a city ordinance passed in 2009 requires all homeowners to install either hard-wired electric-powered alarms or alarms with 10-year batteries. August 15, 2010, is the compliance deadline, and according to The Cap Times, the onset of daylight saving time is the right time to get the work done.

For residents of Madison and everyone else in Wisconsin, Doug Higgins of has an important reminder about daylight saving time at With daylight saving time and all its attendant chores fast approaching, however, there’s no time to watch the videos — which may well contain an important reminder — but click on his name and you’ll be reminded that Doug Higgins is the meteorologist for Good Day Wisconsin and that he “enjoys golf, skiing, scary movies, and of course, the weather.”

Extra considerations for Los Angeles residents

This may or may not have special relevance to residents of Los Angeles, but the Los Angeles Times warns that the start of daylight saving time is a dangerous time for health and finances.

  • The incidence of serious heart attacks increases by 6% to 10% during the first three workdays after the onset of daylight saving time;
  • Suicides among men are more likely in the first few weeks of daylight saving time than at any other time of year;
  • The number of traffic accidents spikes on the first Monday after daylight saving time beings;
  • Traders tend to produce “large negative returns on financial-market indices” during the first week of daylight saving time.

Extra reasons to get cash now

Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles — but especially if you live in Madison — right now is the time to consider mortgage loan restructuring and to request quick personal loans. Unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii, or one of those other non-conforming places where the weather is already warm (or in the case of Guam and American Samoa, hot!), you need to buy things today so you can get your work done on Sunday.