College graduates have a smaller pay day to look forward to


Recent college graduates have higher unemployment than average, and have less of a pay day to look forward to than ever. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

One of the hardest hit groups in the job market are recent college graduates. The unemployment rate for the recently graduated is 50 percent higher than the national average. A lot of people have a smaller and less likely pay day if they can get one after graduating.

Fewer pay day opportunities for recent grads

Recent college graduates have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Currently, Americans aged 20 to 24 have an unemployment rate of 15 percent, according to USA Today, making it hard to get a decent pay day for people who have worked hard to make better opportunities available to them. That’s 50 percent higher than the national average, which is just under 10 percent. Many recent graduates have to resort to taking internships, or have to start far lower on the ladder, and take far less payday cash for their effort, as a result. A college education is supposed to be a great investment, and eventually it does pay off, but an average student debt load of $24,000 or more can make things very difficult. With a debt load like that, it’s no wonder people sometimes need a loan until payday.

All hope is not lost

However, there are things that recent graduates can do to bolster their chances at earning a position of gainful employment. For instance, taking some time to edit one’s resume so it emphasizes the unique strengths a person has will always help. Also, 70 percent of employment opportunities come from networking, so using the contacts that one has is an absolute must. After all, fraternities and sororities aren’t just about guzzling Four Loko. Going to the student employment office and job fairs is a good idea, too.

Harder to make the American Dream reality

It is becoming a harder proposition for people to attain the American Dream. More Americans are getting saddled with more and more debt just to make a decent living these days, and it’s no wonder people are having to run for payday loans.


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