Code Red | Tea Party Patriots fire up Kill the Bill engines

"Liars and commies and czars, oh my!" reads one Tea Party Patriot's sign. What will the passage of the health care bill portend for America? Should we be signaling a Code Red?

Code Red, Dorothy! Get in the cellar, because the health care bill may pass this week!

The United States Senate is quickly approaching a vote on the current rendition of the health care bill, and tensions are reaching the boiling point. According to Talk Radio News Service, Tea Party Patriots staged a “Code Red” rally in Washington, D.C. in which Republican speakers like Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann assured their faithful that that Republicans are winning the debate. However,  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has gone on record as saying that a health care bill will pass the House “in a week.” If Republicans are going to “kill the bill,” they may need a last-second Hail Mary, a la Doug Flutie.

Code Red Republicans may need some Flutie-esque luck

I use the Flutie football analogy here because of something columnist George Will once said about football. He said it encapsulates two of the worst things about America: violence and committee meetings. Tea parties – as well as their counter-“patriot” equivalents – offer ample servings of both, so long as we remember that the dissemination of hate is a form of violence. That makes up for those rallies where physical violence actually fails to occur or people simply forget to bring their assault weapons. Hopefully they know that low interest loans are great for firearm safety courses.

Is there evidence in the numbers of Wall Street as to what direction the wind is blowing? Jim Cramer of “Mad Money” seems to think so. Cramer believes the current health care bill will pass, and that it will cost America dearly. We’re talking deeper recession dearly. “We have to wonder if this is one of those occasions, like in 2008, where the market doesn’t see the coming catastrophe. Or perhaps the market sees any resolution as positive,” he writes for RealMoney.

Jim Cramer sees the floodgates opening

Cap and trade, card check unionization and immigrant amnesty are on the way, claims Cramer. He cites Wal-Mart’s “inability to move even on its dividend boost” as a sign that union pressure may invade even the Walton corporate sanctuary. To pay for it all, where do you think the money will come from? Cramer says higher tax rates, including capital gains and dividend tax rates, by 2011. The massive projected costs of the current health care bill will “put the double-dip recession back on the table,” in Cramer’s estimation.

Meanwhile, Democrats are preparing to deal with Code Red tea parties

Doug Thornell, the National Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), sent an e-mail to “Freshman and Sophomore House Democrats” regarding “Tea Party etiquette.” Their concern is decorum, while Republicans are bracing for impact. Do you know where your fast cash loans are, in case the economic winter deepens?

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