Clougherty Packing LLC | Sign of Stimulus Pork Obesity

Our tax dollars are funding $1 million ham?

When will it be OK? When these things fly! (Photo:

When will this ever be OK? When these things fly! (Photo:

Are your tax dollars hard at work, making President Obama’s stimulus plan the biggest, baddest stimulus fighting machine it can be? Is it helping America recover from this gigantic recession? Let me just say that you shouldn’t give up your payday loans and unsecured loans based upon the outcome of Barack’s little plan.

Take a look at what we’re giving Clougherty Packing LLC

Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom blog points out that when it comes to stimulus fighting, the pork barrel stuff may be just the tonic to deep six America’s economic stimulus. Huzzah!

First of all, check out the images in Bungalow Bill’s article: they are statements that reflect just where (and in what amounts) our tax dollars are being used. Among the expenses are a $1 million two-pounds of sliced ham, courtesy of Clougherty Packing, LLC. But that’s not all. Take a look at the numbers and see perhaps why we haven’t seen more job creation as yet.

$1,562,568 for Mozzarella cheese!

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Is that the change we need? Or $351,807 to replace a dumbwaiter? This is along with the $2,531,600 expense for “HAM, WATER ADDED, COOKED, FROZEN, SLICED, 2-LB.” That brings Clougherty Packing LLC’s already staggering total of pork (they like to say ham) to almost $4 million. How do you explain something like that away, Mr. Obama?

Oh, the damage continues! There’s a ripe bill for $5,708,260. This is for community works projects, right? Wrong! It’s for PROCESSED CHEESE from Bongards’ Creameries in Minnesota! I agree with Bungalow Bill when he questions whether newly elected Minnesota Senator Al Franken will be getting right on this one and questioning procedure. Was there more than artificial cheese going down there? To answer that, let’s understand that multiple sources confirm that the CEO of Hormel, the mega company that currently owns Clougherty Packing LLC, is an Obama campaign supporter. How does that pork smell now?

Wait, wait


It may be that Clougherty Packing LLC was awarded that kind of money to provide ham for food banks. Hard to argue if that’s true, but this all still comes across as a smelly, wasteful mess. Is that the change President Obama promised us?

Bungalow Bill concludes his piece with some good advice:

By the way, two-pounds of ham and some processed cheese isn’t going to go far in the coming Obama soup lines. Obama did say the country is broke. You should be worried.

I don’t normally subscribe to media fearmongering. Both liberals and conservatives do it. However, if these numbers are any indication of where our tax dollars are going, I am deeply concerned with this administration’s ability to execute a recovery plan representing the will of the people. The next thing you know, payday loans and unsecured loans won’t matter, as joblessness will continue to rise and the unemployed will (for the most part) be ineligible for the loans. With any debt, the person must have the means to responsibly repay.

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