Chile miners rescue live | Chile flag flown at San Jose mine

Chile Flag

The Chilean flag and Texas Flag are differentiated by only a small swath of blue. Image: Wikimedia Commons

At 12:11 a.m. Wednesday morning, the first Chilean miner was rescued from the San Jose mine where they have spent the last 69 days. The miners rescue is continuing, and all 33 of the Chilean miners are expected to be pulled out of the mine. One quirk of the Chilean miners rescue live is that many people are confusing the flag of Chile, which is being flown at the rescue site, with the Texas flag.

Chile miners pulled out of San Jose mine

The half-mile rescue shaft that took 10 weeks to drill is proving to work as planned during the Chilean miners rescue. The small “pods” that the miners are being raised to the surface in are just barely larger than a man’s shoulders. On live video of the Chilean miners rescue, the world is watching as the men appear, one by one.

Watch Chilean miners rescue live on MSNBC here

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Miners rescue involved thousands

In the ten weeks since the San Jose mine disaster in Chile, many different groups have become involved with the . Drilling experts, NASA experts, and mining experts have all been called in. Beyond those technically involved in the rescue, the media has been breathlessly reporting everything from the miners extramarital affairs to no fax payday loan offers to movie deals. The Chile miners are dealing with newfound fame as the miners rescue continues. There are many, though, calling for the miners rescue to spark a discussion of mine safety, rather than only the Chile miners’ personal drama.

Chile flag vs Texas flag

One of the more unique effects of the live coverage of the Chilean miners rescue is new-found attention in the Chile flag. The official Chile flag looks very similar to the flag of the U.S. state Texas. The Chile flag is half red on the bottom, with a blue corner with a white star. The Texas flag, on the other hand, has a blue field that extends the entire height of the flag. This is not the first time the two flags have been confused — in fact, the state of Texas used the Chile flag on their absentee voter ballots for several years.


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