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Fuel efficient, with the sticker shock



The vision of President Obama is that programs like Cash For Clunkers will eliminate all of the gas guzzling monstrosities of rusted metal that populate America’s highways, replacing them with pristine machines with glistening MPG ratings and minimal impact upon the environment. The reality of the situation is that some people can afford the luxury of brand new, fuel-efficient vehicles, but most cannot, even with a $4,500 boost from Cash For Clunkers.

But that won’t stop the automakers

According to ZDNet, Chevrolet is going pedal to the metal down the path toward the perfect electric car with the new Chevy Volt. Despite the limitations that still exist in the battery technology for electric vehicles, Chevrolet still feels that Chevy Volt is going to catch the eye – and the wallets – of the American driving public.

Right up front, the most obvious selling point for the Chevy Volt in this Cash For Clunkers, go green for the Obamavironment  universe is that this electric vehicle will get up to 230 miles per gallon in city driving. How’s that for a mouth-watering number? In terms of electricity costs per 100 miles, it’s only $2.75 by Chevrolet’s estimate. But if you aren’t near a place where it’s convenient to plug in, you’re in for some trouble. You might find that you need a tow for that high tech dead battery chariot, and if you don’t have a tow package or cash on hand, you might consider payday loans or cash advances. You could even request them here.

Ready for 2011

Based on the prospect of being free of the gasoline pump and its skyrocketing costs will be a big draw for many consumers. However, people will have to wait before they can get their hands on this vehicle. The Chevy Volt won’t go in to production until late 2010. It will be available as a 2011 model.

Before you sign up to buy a 2011 Chevy Volt, here are a few things you should definitely know:

  1. With a single electric charge, the battery of your Chevy Volt can carry you 40 miles under optimal conditions. Thus, this vehicle is an electric/fuel hybrid.
  2. Once the standard combustion engine is taken into account, the overall range of the Chevy Volt will be around 300 miles. Plan your trips accordingly and find an electrical outlet you can use.
  3. GM recommends that the Chevy Volt be plugged in for recharging at least once per day, but users may need more depending upon usage.
  4. Just how much mileage you get on a charged battery will depend upon a number of factors, including how much cargo you’re carrying, whether or not you’re using the air conditioning and just how many passengers you’re dragging along. But don’t literally drag them, please.

Um, I can’t use the AC?

Of course you can use the air conditioning. President Obama’s drive to improve the environment hasn’t cracked down on automobile air conditioning and their evil freon yet. Give it time. But until then, you can use the air conditioner in your Chevy Volt. Just keep in mind that it may decrease the miles you get out of a charge significantly. ZDNet notes that once the Volt’s battery dials down to minimum charge, extended-range mode will automatically kick in. Thus, you won’t stall out while merging onto the freeway. The Chevy Volt will begin to utilize it’s combustion engine to produce electricity that will continue to operate the car. That is cool, but remember to recharge the battery as soon as you’re done with your trip.

Ready for a real jolt?

We’ve talked about the range of the Chevy Volt, which will be a problem for some people. But the real kicker with the Chevy Volt will be the price tag. Most consumers simply won’t be able to afford it at $40,000. I know I won’t, and I believe that will be the case for most consumers who are looking for inventive news ways to stretch their dollar. Monthly car payments on a Chevy Volt aren’t taken into account by any government or dealer discount plan. You simply have to buckle up and try to make it.

At the very least, payday loans and cash advances are good for a down payment…

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