Chelsea Hotel provides a home for the Doughnut Planet

The Hotel Chelsea has a new occupant. CC by Nikk0 at fr.wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons

Bohemian counter-culture used to surround Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel. The hotel used to be known for its central role in drug dealing, murders and rock ‘n’ roll music. This old hotel, though, is now home to something totally different — Doughnut Planet.

Past of Chelsea Hotel

Many recognize the Chelsea Hotel as a landmark. Built in 1883, the hotel has served as home base for a wide variety of notorious figures. Most infamously, punk rocker Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death at this hotel. For years, the Chelsea Hotel has been losing permanent residents; management just couldn’t seem to get a grip on keeping the hotel running. Last year, The Chelsea Hotel was finally sold off.

Chelsea Hotel now home to the Doughnut Planet

The Doughnut Planet is a popular New York pastry shop. On Valentine’s  Day, Doughnut Planet opened a new location in the old Chelsea Hotel. Rather than converting the hotel to an industrial warehouse look to match the first location, owners tried to keep as much of the old-style elegance the Chelsea was known for. The ground-level store uses only one level of the hotel, and there is no word yet on the possible uses of the remaining floors of the historic building.

Future looks grim for Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel is the second major New York punk-rock landmark to close in just five years. Rock club CBGB closed in 2006. Chelsea Hotel residents originally banded together in an attempt to save the hotel, but the mostly foreign owners sold it for what amounted to a pittance. The Chelsea Hotel may be converted into an apartment complex above the Doughnut Planet, though investors have yet to come forward with funding for that plan.

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