Chase Online Banking Offers Sign Up Bonus

Chase online banking is bribing you!

Before you jump at the chance to get free money, make sure it will be worth it.

Before you jump at the chance to get free money, make sure it will be worth it.

Chase online banking is offering a $125 sign up bonus to new customers through the end of October. Of course, there are a few conditions.

First, your account must be opened between now and Oct. 30. Second, you must start your account with a minimum balance of $100. Also, you must set up a direct deposit that will regularly be put into your account. This direct deposit must be set up within two months. After you receive your first direct deposit in your Chase online banking account, you’ll get your $125.

Direct deposit a quick cash payday loan?

Now, before you go getting any ideas, I don’t think that getting a quick cash payday loan directly deposited into your chase online banking account will earn you your $125. It needs to be a long-term, recurring deposit from an employer.

But your $125 sign up bonus will automatically show up in your Chase online banking account within 10 days after you get your first paycheck direct deposit. I guess one good thing about the recession and the catastrophic bank failures that have been going on seems to be better customer service … in some cases.

Sign up for Chase online banking

If you want to take advantage of the Chase Online Banking offer, head to and sign up for an online account. If you already have a Chase online banking account, you can sign up through there. You must open a new checking account to get the $125 bonus.

Just be careful, and make sure you read through all of the terms and conditions very carefully. Banks are very good with fine print, so make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who are trying to figure out a way to get the $125 for opening up only a temporary Chase online banking account, but I am also sure that Chase has thought of that and has rules in place to keep people from doing that.

Full disclosure

If I seem a bit wary about signing up for a Chase online banking account, it’s because I am. I have had a Chase credit card for years, and the company recently sent me an “important notice” about the fact that the terms of my credit card agreement, which have been valid for about five years, can change if they feel like changing them.

Like I said, banks are good with fine print. I didn’t even understand a lot of it, which made me really nervous. But I did get the gist of it, which was that they can change my interest rate or shut off my credit line whenever they feel like it. So, buyer beware. Checking accounts are a lot safer than credit card accounts, but don’t sign up for anything you don’t understand.