Charlie Crist may ditch GOP for Senate run

Charlie Crist speaking into a microphone.

Charlie Crist image from Flickr.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist will not be seeking re-election as governor of the Sunshine State and has decided to run instead for a Florida seat in the U.S. Senate. He also has been tipped as being ready to drop membership in the Republican Party and run as an independent, and the rumor mill is turning fast.  If one were to want to donate to a campaign for an independent, this may be the race to give a cash advance to. That said, it isn’t 100 percent confirmed yet.

Charlie Crist and GOP may be quarreling

Governor Charlie Crist and the Republican Party possibly aren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. The recent veto of a popular education bill angered many Republicans, though Crist had decided to side with the recommendations of many educators rather than people who weren’t authorities in the field.  It also just so happens another Republican is running.

Crossing the Rubio-con

In order to win the Senate seat, Crist needs to not only defeat a Democratic candidate, but also needs to get around Marco Rubio.  Rubio is a rising star in the GOP, and he is a front-runner for the nomination for this Senate seat.  Rubio is the current Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.  He also is outpacing Crist in fundraising, according to the Washington Post.

Brand loyalty

One thing that Charlie Crist will have in his favor is a sense of brand loyalty, if you will.  If there is one thing we Americans are known for, it’s our brand loyalty.  When people think of soft drinks, they think Coke or Pepsi. (Even though Royal Crown is much better.)  The thing about candidates that switch parties or run as independents is that it can work out just as well if they have a long record, which Crist does. Joe Lieberman and Arlen Specter would be points in case.  He has the name recognition that the other candidates don’t, so should he run as an independent, he will have that advantage.