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Suze Orman’s Advice on Payday Loans

Suze Orman’s Advice on Payday Loans What Suze Orman Says About Payday Loans On her website, Suze Orman’s thoughts about payday loans are clearly expressed. Understanding that most people find this option a lifesaver when they are in dire straits, as part of her Get Out of Debt Special web section, Suze Orman admits that
Credit card fraud is a problem that can be avoided with a little vigilance. If you need emergency cash loans, get started at Personal Money Store.

How to Clean Up Your Credit Report

Credit Fraud Runs Rampant Even under the most watchful eye, your identity can be stolen very quickly. In fact, according to the 2008 Internet Crime Report published by the federal government, total loss from all types of fraud was $264.6 million, up from $239.1 million in 2007. What is going on? In this age of

Debit Cards offer quick cash access but at a price

The debit card option For consumers with bad credit, getting quick cash access from debit cards is a priceless advantage. Credit lenders are stricter these days. After having faced the lending crash of the recession, many lenders are closing their doors to even moderate-level scorers. That leaves few options for people with bad credit and
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Beware phantom debt pains from charge-offs

Maintaining good credit can be challenging, particularly after a life-altering event like job loss. Understand that if a creditor throws in the towel and charges off one of your debts, that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. It’s quite possible that you will still be liable for that bad debt – even after it
Blonde woman used low interest loans to cover home repairs.

Low interest loans can pay for home repairs

Taking out low interest loans for home repairs may be a good idea, because the one thing that may need to be fixed could create a string of other, more expensive things to fix. For example, your roof may be leaking. That may be a simple and inexpensive job, but left unchecked, it could eventually

Five Considerations Before Getting a Loan Till Payday

Review your financial situation before requesting a short-term loan Are you in need of a loan, but have bad credit? Securing a short-term loan till payday is possible, but there are a few things that you should consider first. If, after reviewing the following key points, you believe that you can benefit from borrowing cash

Understanding mutual funds

After surviving credit card debt and paying off cash advance loans, some begin to wonder what a mutual fund is and how they can go about investing in one. Wealth education means researching these questions and others in order to gain a clear understanding of how to make money grow. Knowing what a mutual fund
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Understanding the down side of avoiding credit

Many consumers looking to establish a credit history are denied credit because they don’t have enough credit to begin with. Even if a person has an excellent FICO score, it’s still possible to be denied something as weighty as a mortgage because the credit report reads more like a leaflet than a book. Avoid being
Credit repair is possible, but only if you increase your debt literacy. (Photo:

On Credit Repair and Debt Literacy

What You Know Can Save You Green Do you consider yourself to be financially literate? How about when it comes to debt – is your level of debt literacy high enough that concepts like credit repair are second nature to you? Chances are your opinion of your debt literacy is higher than the reality. This
Would it be smart to lease a SmartCar? Image from Flikr.

Using Personal Loans to Fund Car Leasing

Leasing a car Many consumers are using personal loans to fund car leasing. But do they really understand the terms?  It’s important to understand what car leasing is, as opposed to purchasing. Leasing a car is to buying a car what renting an apartment is to owning a property.  For a certain period of time