Online Safety

Hackers plant pages on university websites

In an apparent exploitation of security holes, for-profit hackers have uploaded unauthorized pages to hundreds of universities’ websites. None of the schools knew of the pages’ existence. These pages were planted with the intent of making the hackers money, though it appears no personal information was compromised. Hacker pages on higher ed websites The attack

Personal Money Store’s complaint resources

Personal Money Store weeds out bad lenders Personal Money Store offers Complaint Resources. This information is helpful for borrowers who have had a bad experience with lenders. The purpose of Complaint Resources are twofold: To ensure borrowers have the tools they need to file a complaint against a lender who they feel has treated them

Kneber botnet can steal your Facebook, banking logins

Yet another way to rob you blind in cyberspace If someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff, there are ways to cover expenses until you recover. Cash advance loans come to mind. However, if your sensitive log-ons for E-mail, social networking and banking are compromised, lasting damage can be the result. Guess what?
Absurdist photo art depicting the dangers of browsing online. The user is depicted holding an open laptop computer up in front of their face, obscuring it from view. On the laptop screen is a menacing face, suggesting that there are dangerous forces online that can make life very difficult for Web surfers, such as those who encounter the Kenzero porn virus at the file sharing site Winni.

Porn virus Kenzero shakes down users for cash

A malicious porn virus known as Kenzero is spreading online. If being held for ransom by a Japanese criminal gang because you downloaded illegal copies of hentai video games sounds like a good time to you, then you may have already visited the Winni file sharing site. Those who prefer a safer online experience, one
A screen from the Facebook social game “Pet Society.”

Virtual home burglary yet another peril of Facebook

Securing one’s home with the best anti-intrusion and alarm systems money can buy is a great idea in the real world, but securing a virtual home can be equally important when Facebook is involved. As MSNBC reports, Italian authorities are currently investigating a virtual home burglary that occurred in the Facebook game “Pet Society.” Playfish

Facebook Places: the privacy issues of location-based networking

Facebook Places introduces location-based networking to the world’s biggest online social networking site. Using Facebook Places on a GPS-enabled smartphone, users can let their friends know where they are and see friends who are nearby. Facebook Places also lets users tag friends who are with them. Places also suggests other locations nearby the user may