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Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Did I mention I was trapped there once, and that a quick payday loan busted me out? (Photo:

Quick Payday Loan Rescued Me From the Underground Railroad

Locked in the Past, Cash Strapped in the Present Not long ago, I needed a quick payday loan to help me out of a jam. Thankfully, my cell phone gets reception underground. Otherwise, I’d still be aging with the wine thanks to the cobwebs in my wallet. There’s a story to this, so bear with
Sit back and relax. With payday cash advances, you won't lose sleep wondering where the cash will come from! (Photo:

Payday Cash Advances | Don’t Lose Sleep Over Money Again!

Payday Cash Advances: a cure for insomnia? We can all agree that no matter how diligently you work to keep your finances in a good place, something always is going to come along that puts it in check. Give yourself the power to attack this opponent head on with payday cash advances obtained with the
President Obama presidential reunion video : SNL presidents for the CFPA

When Funny or Die puts its collective brains together to make a point, nobody is safe. Their most recent bit of political commentary is a presidential reunion of Saturday Night Live proportions. The Funny or Die presidential reunion brings together an all-star cast of SNL presidents (and a guest or two) to talk about the
Be tactical. Imagine this is you, perhaps without the gun. (Photo:

Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight | Light & Bash to Safety

Get in the swing of things We all know that it’s important to have the right tool for the job. If you need a flashlight to light the way in dark places, you want one you can rely upon. If you’re in a different kind of dark place, you may need a blunt object to
Nest eggs are hard to com by when you live on chicken feed

Money Talks

You work hard to bring home the bacon but you live on chicken feed The rent is due Your landlord doesn’t care why you’re down and out. He makes a bundle, but he won’t pay a penny for your thoughts. In his eyes you’re a deadbeat and he wants cold hard cash. You live from

Woman kills boyfriend by sitting on him, get probation

“I feel there wasn’t no justice” Sit on my face and tell me that you love me, I’ll sit on your face and tell you I love you, too. – “Sit on My Face,” Monty Python Dysfunctional relationships and domestic abuse are not laughing matters. If you feel you are in a dangerous relationship, contact

Top 12 Strange College Scholarships

Finding money for college requires creativity Are you or someone you know preparing to go to college? Whether you’re a first time college consumer or a returning student, significant preparation is involved, particularly on the financial level. Payday loans won’t finance your journey through the halls of academia, so you’d do yourself good if you
Two executive employees of Yahoo! are pictured. They're natives of Topeka, Kansas, which is one reason why this Topeka ? Google photo appears here.

Deconstructing Topeka | A Google April Fool with legs

If you dig into Topeka, you’re bound to find good potatoes. That’s what “topeka” means in the Kansa1 and Ioway2 languages, according to Wikipedia: “To dig good potatoes3.” But if you Google Topeka (or is it Topeka Google?), you will be caught in an infinite loop in which questions like “Why does Google say Topeka?”

Cash Loans Saved This Iced Deer Lover

I didn’t even get to chocolate-braise them I’m a pretty bouncy kind of guy. OK, I’m round. Descriptive enough for you? Crushed by deer meat Nothing really gets me down. But I was nearly crushed by my deer meat adventure… that is, until cash loans saved me from feeling down. My story This happened to
Here we see the Loch Ness Monster, which has spawned more than its share of legends and hoaxes.

The Top 10 April Fools pranks ever (Pt. 2)

It pays to be prepared when April Fools Day comes along, which means that you must be up on your history of the Top 10 April Fools pranks ever. Keep in mind that you might need payday loans to duplicate things on that scale. Without further ado, and straight from the Museum of Hoaxes, here