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We cover the debt and loan markets, stock markets, bond markets, and commodities to brink you up-to-date information you may use in guiding your investment decisions. Our macro coverage includes overnight short-term loan rates, national and global debt levels, and all key economic indicators. No matter your investment choices, always exercise caution in the use of borrowed money to create leverage; while your margin loan fueled gains may be magnified, so will your losses.
Wedding dresses

The Knot | Wedded bliss marries stock bliss

The Knot is one of the web’s biggest wedding destinations. The Knot’s website and other media are all about The Big Day,¬† and today The Knot as a company is having a Big Day of its own. The Knot’s stock has been upgraded to a “buy” rating. So should you include purchase of The Knot
A smiling young woman hunts for values at her local Family Dollar store.

Family Dollar share price surges on NASDAQ

Thanks to billionaire investor Nelson Peltz’s big stock buy, shares of Family Dollar Stores Inc., a discount retailer chain, shot up by 11 percent Wednesday on the NASDAQ, reports Reuters. The investment by Peltz’s Trian Group underscores a current investment trend toward supporting retailers that appeal to low-income families, as rival chains like Dollar Tree
Bank Lobby

Peer to peer loan lenders bypass bank middlemen

Someone who needs to get a loan but doesn’t want to go to a bank can look into peer to peer loan lenders. With peer to peer lending, people who want to borrow money are put in touch with people who have capital. It is becoming a booming business. Peer to peer loan lenders cut
Big Mac at McDonald's

Price hikes affect the value of McDonald’s shares

McDonald’s is the world’s leader in the fast food market, garnering about 19 percent of that niche. However, faced with the rising costs of food and paper, the company has announced that it plans to implement more small price increases throughout the year in order to offset this trend somewhat. Earlier estimates proved inadequate McDonald’s
Hydroponic growth

Investors considering medical marijuana IPOs

In 30 percent of the United States, medical marijuana is legal, to varying degrees. The industry surrounding medical marijuana can be a very profitable one. Now, two major marijuana industry companies have announced plans for initial public stock offerings. Marijuana related industries There are a variety of industries that have developed around medical marijuana. Businesses
New York street sign at Wall Street and Broad. U.S. flags are visible in the background.

Wall Street pay rises to record levels

Total compensation and benefits for publicly traded Wall Street banks and securities firms hit a record of $135 billion in 2010, a 5.7 percent increase over 2009, reports the Wall Street Journal. While more salary is deferred than before, the increase in base Wall Street pay more than compensates. Wall Street salaries a ‘Get Out