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Muhammad Yunus

Microfinance pioneer Yunus fired by Bangladesh government

Microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus has been forced out of his position at Grameen Bank by the government in Bangladesh. Yunus, the longtime head of Grameen Bank, is well known for his work in the realm of microfinance, lending small loans to the poor to help them start businesses. He and the Bangladeshi government have feuded
SBA lending

New SBA lending program to start Feb. 28 with heavy restrictions

The Small Business Administration has finally come out with the rules for a heavily anticipated new lending program. The program is supposed to offer help to businesses facing foreclosure of their buildings. The restrictions on the loans, however, are cutting out most businesses that could benefit. New SBA lending program In January of this year,
Payday loan store

Payday lenders turn to Indian tribes for business partnerships

In order to circumvent state regulations, payday lenders are turning to Indian tribes to stay in business. Indian tribes are protected legally by a doctrine known as sovereign immunity, which exempts them from some state and federal laws. Demand is well established for payday loans, but states are starting to regulate them out of business.
Bank of America

Nevada Attorney General sues Bank of America over foreclosures

Though Congress and state officials are investigating Bank of America foreclosures, Nevada has taken an extra step. The Nevada Attorney General has filed suit against BoA for “deceptive practices.” This lawsuit alleges that the short term loans BoA promised as mortgage modifications simply were not offered. Nevada loan modifications The Nevada Attorney General has filed
The downtown San Diego skyline, photographed at night.

San Diego Small Business Micro Revolving Loans boost companies

Running a small business from one day to the next during a recession is enough to give anyone fits, considering the challenges in place in a large city like San Diego, where competition for funding is fierce. Thankfully, the City of San Diego has developed a Small Business Micro Revolving Loan Fund (SBMRLF) which, like
Sal alosi wont be dating cheerleaders on his salary

Sal Alosi salary takes big hit as punishment for tripping player

Sal Alosi wasn’t thinking about his salary when he tripped an opposing player running down the sideline Sunday. The New York Jets strength coach, a former college linebacker, impulsively stuck a leg out to trip a Miami Dolphin covering a punt return. Sal Alosi’s salary took a major hit when he was fined and suspended
Americans are considerably affected by small business growths.

Small business growth affects most Americans

Small businesses represent 99.7 percent (as of 2005, the latest number found) of businesses in the United States and employ more than 55 million American citizens. So think of a collection of people that you know. Roughly nine out of every 10 people you know, or simply meet on a typical day, work for a
Restaurant kitchen

Viking appliances fighting to stay profitable

There are still vestiges of good, old fashioned American manufacturing around, and a great example is the Viking Appliances company.  There are few companies that make kitchen appliances that match Viking’s quality and iconic status. The company is fighting to keep its place as a homegrown manufacturing giant, as so many products are manufactured overseas
stock trader signaling thumbs down

Wall Street panics as high speed trading tanks stock market

Wall Street breathed a little easier and the end of trading Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the day down only 348 points. Earlier in the day the stock market dropped like a rock — 1,000 points and nearly 700 points during one panic-stricken stretch. On Friday Nasdaq canceled the trades of 296 stocks