Casino Denies Man Jackpot, but Keeps Case out of Court

Jackpot! Or not.

Image from Picasa.

Image from Picasa.

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to throw  your computer out the window when you experience a glitch? Imagine a computer glitch that made you think you had won more than $166 million. Obviously, in this story, a casino denies a man a jackpot.

In Tampa, Fla., on Sunday, Bill Seebeck was playing a slot machine at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. When he hit the jackpot, the machine did its usual bells and whistles performance, but a very unusual amount showed up indicating how much Seebeck had won: $166,666,666.65

Casino denies man jackpot

Officials at the casino explained to Seebeck that the machine had malfunctioned, as the maximum payout for that game was $99,000. Furthermore, they said, the $1.50 bet he had made could only result in a $2,500 payout. Furthermore, they said, you’re not getting a cent. Furthermore, they said, sign here.

Well, this wasn’t small cash loans he was dealing with here, so Seebeck said, to paraphrase, “Sign what?! I don’t think so,” and went off in search of a lawyer. He didn’t get very far, though. By Tuesday, Seebeck and the casino had reached a “good faith” agreement. Either the “undisclosed amount” the casino offered was huge or they really duped this guy. Who wouldn’t go to court for a chance at $166.7 million?

Historical facts

This is not the first time a Seminole-run operation has run into a fake jackpot computer glitch. In 2007, a slot machine at the Seminole Hard Rock Resort & Casino in Hollywood told a man he’d won more than $259,000. In that case, the man even got the oversized check to go with his jackpot.

However, when it came time to write the real check, the casino said there had been a computer glitch and he didn’t win. In that case, after a media storm following the event, the casino agreed to pay the man the full amount. I hope Seebeck knew about what happened in the other “casino denies man jackpot” story before he agreed to accept whatever undisclosed amount they offered.